Brandon Ingram is
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The New Orleans Pelicans are a mess this season falling short of the expectations set for them. They made headlines multiple times this past offseason making trades to bring in Eric Bledsoe and Steven Adams. Also, Bringing in new head coach Stan Van Gundy who was tasked with taking their young nucleus to the next level. Brandon Ingram is a large part of that nucleus and was extended in the offseason with a max contract. Van Gundy so far has failed and the rotations implemented don’t make sense. The Eric Bledsoe and Lonzo Ball backcourt has been a disaster, and it appears that Bledsoe may be holding the team back.

However, I believe that another reason for the Pelican’s struggles is that their two stars just don’t fit together. Not only do Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson not fit together with their playstyles on the court. Ingram is also being held back from getting the recognition he deserves playing with Zion. Brandon Ingram is in the fifth year of his young NBA career and he is doing amazing things for the New Orleans Pelicans. However, it goes unnoticed because he lives in the shadow of the NBA’s Golden Boy Zion Williamson.

Brandon Ingram Doesn’t Get the Recognition he deserves

Brandon Ingram since he entered the NBA has played beside some of the most popular players in the league. At first, it was Lonzo Ball, with the Lakers who generated a media circus because of his eccentric father LaVar Ball. Then it was LeBron James, one of the most popular athletes on the planet who hijacked the Los Angles Lakers and sent Ingram packing to the Pelicans. Finally in New Orleans, he is playing Alongside Zion Williamson. Williamson has been a star player since he was a high school prospect. He was the #1 Pick in the NBA Draft and he turned one of the smallest markets in the NBA to one of the most covered as a rookie.

It’s been hard for Ingram to be in the spotlight since day one and now that he isn’t in a huge market like LA it’s even harder. Currently, Brandon Ingram is doing something special but hardly anyone is noticing. At the moment Ingram is one of seven players averaging 24 points on 36% shooting from three on six attempts per game. However, there is one huge difference between Ingram and the other six players on the list, They were all selected to be All-Stars this season.

The Pelicans have been disappointing this season. So it’s understandable that two players from the roster weren’t going to be selected for the game. But looking closer at the All-Star voting results and you’ll see straight-up disrespect for a player of Brandon Ingram’s Caliber. Ingram is behind names like Andrew Wiggins and Christian Wood and also has almost less than half of the number of votes than his teammate Zion Williamson. It’s unfair that Brandon Ingram is getting no recognition when he is a star player and has proven it.

Zion and Ingram need to split up

Don’t get me wrong Zion Williamson is a very talented player. I’m not bashing him, he may even be underrated in some people’s eyes. But for the Pelican’s success and Ingram to ascend in notoriety they need to split. The Pelicans aren’t doing Ingram any favors when it comes to showcasing his talents. They have clogged the driving lanes playing non-shooters and have recently started putting Zion in ball-handling duties. These are key parts of Ingram’s game driving to the rim and initiating the offense.

I’m sure there is no strife between Ingram and Zion but the reality of the situation is that they would both succeed more if they were on separate teams. Brandon Ingram on a team filled with shooting and spacing allowing him to initiate the offense would be awesome. He would most likely put up insane numbers that would make his case for a second All-Star Appearance undeniable. The Pelicans as currently constructed aren’t that team which is why Brandon Ingram is being held back playing alongside Zion.