Taylor Hall
Trading for Taylor Hall isn’t worth the risk. Contenders should seek alternative options on the NHL trade market. (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Trading For Taylor Hall Isn’t Worth The Risk

Sabres winger Taylor Hall is going to be a hot name on the NHL trade market. Buffalo couldn’t compete this year if Zeus was on their team so virtually anyone on their roster will likely be available. Especially a rental like Hall.

It seems like the public perception is contenders will covet Hall as that piece that can take them over the top. The problem is, the juice isn’t really worth the squeeze. Trading for Taylor Hall isn’t worth the risk.

Recently, NBC Sports put out a roundtable creating potential trades for the deadline. I was flabbergasted when looking at their suggestions. Three of the trades included giving up a first round pick and more for Hall. The worst of which included three draft picks and David Krejci for Hall which is just so laughable.

David Krejci is a Bruin for life. He’s not going anywhere. Furthermore, I know Krejci is old but… are we sure Hall is even the better player? Also, wouldn’t you want Krejci to center Hall if the Bruins were the team to make that trade? I know hockey guy Trey is just getting into the mix again, but you sir James O’Brien make no sense.

I just can’t quite wrap my head around why Hall carries so much trade value. Sure, I know Hall is talented. He was the first overall pick in 2010 for a reason. Still, we’re talking about a player who is an 11 year vet and only made the All-Star Game in four seasons. The 2017-2018 39 goal season hasn’t been close to replicated since.

What should bother teams is the fact that Hall had a chance to play for a contender. Dozens of teams were interested in the former Oilers, Devils, and Coyotes winger. After a down year, Hall signed a one year contract worth $8 million. Instead of opting to play for a contender, he signed with the Sabres.

That would bother me as a general manager. Why would I trade for someone that could have played for a contender and opted to sign with arguably the worst franchise in the league. Better yet, Hall flat out hasn’t been valuable for the Sabres.

Hall signed with Buffalo to play a pivotal role on a team trying to turn the corner. He’s been anything but. In 29 games, the Canadian born forward has two goals and 14 assists. Sorry, not sorry, that’s not good enough.

Will Hall’s production increase with a contender? Sure, but why not sign with one in the offseason? Better yet, why hasn’t Jack Eichel’s production gone up? If Hall was going to be this all world player, why has Eichel’s production tanked? Nobody playing major minutes with Hall is producing.

I don’t get the Taylor Hall hype. There has to be a better option out there on the trade market. If Hall wanted to play for a contender, he should have signed with one in the offseason. Let him rot in Buffalo. He chose his fate. Let him be miserable in it.