Dennis Schroder
Kent Smith/Getty Images

I don’t think we talk about the 3-headed monster of a backcourt in OKC enough. SGA and Chris Paul are for sure hoopin’. But off the bench, Dennis Schroder has been a consistent game-changer for the Thunder and it’s not talked about enough. Schroder has been slept on as well as the rest of that OKC backcourt. Sure, Chris Paul got picked for the All-Star team, even though Devin Booker should have made it over him. But even then, People are not realizing that it is somewhat deserved. The Thunder are surpassing all expectations this year, Dennis Schroder is a big part of that.

Dennis Schroder Stats

Dennis Schroder is having one of the best seasons in his young career this season. He is averaging 19.3 PPG on 47.7% shooting. His 19.3 PPG is 2nd on the Thunder for scoring, only .2 behind the leading scorer SGA. His 3P numbers are also some of his best of his career. He shoots almost 40% from 3 at 38.7%, good enough for 2nd behind Danilo Gallinari. Schroder averages 4.1 APG, 2nd on the Thunder as well.

Dennis Schroder is simply not getting enough recognition for his contribution for the Thunder. Sure, he has SGA and Chris Paul ahead of him in terms of recognition, but he is doing almost the same as them with nearly half the credit. It’s mostly because he comes off the bench, but his key role off the bench is a major reason why the Thunder win games. The guard situation in OKC is a 3 headed attack. They usually have 2 of the 3 guards in Dennis Schroder, Chris Paul, who’s on his own personal revenge tour, and SGA on the court at all times. If and when the Thunder make the playoffs, Schroder should be recognized as one of the main reasons why they made it. As well as any success they have in the playoffs, Dennis Schroder deserves some respect for his contribution.