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Three Last-Minute Pitches for The Undertaker at WWE Royal Rumble 2023

The Undertaker
Credit: WWE

Three Last-Minute Pitches for The Undertaker at WWE Royal Rumble 2023

The Undertaker is undoubtedly one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He’s such an iconic character and one of the most important wrestlers in history. As a way to respect his legacy, WWE brought the Dead Man back for the 30th anniversary of Monday Night Raw.

He returned in epic fashion as LA Knight challenged any of the legends in the back to come out. At first, it was the iconic Undertaker theme, but this was a swerve. Moments after the legendary bells rang, his old theme song for his “American Badass” gimmick played and the place erupted.

Out came The Undertaker riding a motorcycle. He stepped up to LA Knight, but this was ultimately to help Bray Wyatt attack Knight. Wyatt and The Undertaker had a brief exchange of words, but this segment was a passing of the torch.

Was that the last time fans will see The Undertaker in the WWE? I’m not sure he’ll ever be officially done, so here are three pitches for The Undertaker at the WWE Royal Rumble.

1. The Undertaker enters the Royal Rumble

The Undertaker has competed in 11 Royal Rumble matches throughout his long career. However, he has only won once in 2007. Furthermore, he has the second most cumulative eliminations with 40. So, why not bring him back for another match?

The crowd obviously loves him, and he would get a massive pop if he were to enter the match. The Undertaker joining as the 30th entrant in the match would be pretty surreal. He doesn’t need to be in the match for long, but just having him in there would make this Royal Rumble a memorable one.

2. The Undertaker helps Bray Wyatt

When The Undertaker appeared on Monday Night Raw, he helped Wyatt get one over on LA Knight.

Wyatt may go down as my generation’s version of The Undertaker, so his appearing in the Pitch Black Match would be a pretty cool thing to do. We may even get a Kane appearance if The Undertaker is involved in the match.

No one knows what the Pitch Black Match is, so there is a lot of unknown with it. If WWE wants to get The Dead Man involved with the Royal Rumble, this is a fantastic way to do that.

3. The Undertaker gets attacked

This idea is sticking with The Undertaker being used in the Pitch Black Match, but this time, LA Knight gets the advantage.

Knight is not one to get made to look like a fool, so he’s probably upset about what happened to him on Raw. Knight could attack The Undertaker similarly to the way he has been getting attacked.

Whether this gets recorded, or they catch it just after the attack happens, it’s a great way to feature The Undertaker at the WWE Royal Rumble. Plus, LA Knight hasn’t had the advantage much in this feud. Ultimately, he could use some momentum heading into his match at the Royal Rumble, YEAH.





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