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Three ways WWE can pull off the Pitch Black Match at the Royal Rumble

WWE Pitch Black Match

Credit: WWE

WWE Pitch Black Match
Credit: WWE

Three ways WWE can pull off the Pitch Black Match at the Royal Rumble

WWE has always been a company that is innovative and looking for new ideas. Over the years, they have introduced countless new match types. Some have been legendary and still take place today, but others WWE wants you to forget about.

One of the oldest matches in WWE is the Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble debuted in 1988 and has been a staple of the company ever since.

This year, the company introduced another first-ever match at the WWE Royal Rumble. Bray Wyatt is facing off against new rival, LA Knight in a Pitch Black match. This is the first ever Pitch Black match, so there is a lot of speculation about what to expect.

So, I’m here to put you at ease and go over three ways WWE can pull off the Pitch Black match at the Royal Rumble.

It’s All Purple

Wyatt is one of the most captivating on-screen characters. The crowd has always backed him in everything he did. But when WWE introduced the red light with him, things went south.

Back when Wyatt was The Fiend, WWE did a very interesting thing. Every time Wyatt would appear, they would turn all of the lights red. It made it hard to see what was going on and no one, and I mean no one, was a fan of it. They even had an entire match, which took place inside a Hell in a Cell, with only red lighting.

This was such an awful idea that WWE would never do it again, right?

As much faith as I have in Triple H and Wyatt, I think a way they could do the Pitch Black match is utilizing all purple lighting.

The Pitch Black match is in partnership with Mountain Dew, which is why I’m very concerned about the match falling flat. Mountain Dew is bringing back their Pitch Black flavor for a limited time. The funny thing is that the color of the drink isn’t pitch black at all, it’s purple, so I think WWE may go to having the entire match under purple lighting.

Night Vision

One of the issues with WWE doing a Pitch Black match is how is it going to get portrayed on television. I was in attendance at Extreme Rules when Wyatt returned and when all of the lights were out in the stadium, you could still sort of see the ring. With millions of people watching at home, it’s really important how the match will look on television.

One thing I think WWE could do is film the match in night vision. Would this be annoying to watch? Most likely, but it is a good way to do a match in complete darkness while actually being able to see what happens.

There are a few different ways WWE can do the night vision effect. There is your typical green effect that is the most popular. They could do some sort of thermal night vision as well, which seems like it would be the most annoying.

But as much as I hate to say it, I think they would use the purple night vision effect during the match. WWE filming this match using night vision or some sort of night vision effect is a very real possibility.

I Have A Flashlight, Ya Dummy

LA Knight has jumped to being one of the most loved wrestlers in WWE since he left the Maximum Male Models. Fans everywhere absolutely love everything about him. His charisma, his ability on the mic, ad his ability in the ring all gel together to make him one of the best all-around wrestlers in WWE. Knight is also funny and has witty remarks.

Most recently, he went to confront Wyatt in the locker room. But when he went in the lights suddenly went off. What did Knight do? He simply turned on the flashlight on his cell phone. This was a moment that got praised online because it was so simple, yet effective.

Another way WWE can pull off the Pitch Black match is simply by giving LA Knight a flashlight. I mean, the guy knows he’s going into a Pitch Black match, why wouldn’t he bring a flashlight? It’s totally something his character would do. I can see him saying something like “you think LA Knight wouldn’t come prepared? I have a flashlight ya dummy.”

WWE can also film it similar to a cinematic match like they did during the dawn of COVID-19. Regardless of how they do it, WWE has a very fine line between making this match either good or a disappointment that is going to get made fun of for years.





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