Derrick White
Matt Slocum/Associated Press

Who’s the Spurs’ best player? DeMar DeRozan? Nope. LaMarcus Aldridge? Washed up. After that, it’s most of the young core that is fighting for the top spot. However, the debate is over, Derrick White is the Spurs best player. DeMar DeRozan does have a case as the Spurs best player, but White is improving at a rapid rate. While DeMar is literally turning 32 today. Happy Birthday!

Derrick White Stats In The Bubble

White has been stellar so far in the Bubble. In his first 4 games in the bubble, he has averaged 21 PPG on 45% shooting, 4.75 APG, and 5.5 RPG. He is also averaging about 8.3 3PT attempts per game and shooting at an efficient rate of 46% from there. However, what isn’t pointed out is his defense. He has taken the 3rd most charges this season with 28 and leads all guards in BPG with .9.

Derrick White is the real deal here. He’s the best two-way player we have on the team. He is not as good offensively as DeMar DeRozan, but he will be soon enough. There was debate on who was better defensively: Dejounte Murray or Derrick White? Dejounte Murray has flashes of brilliance of the defensive end, but Derrick White has been consistent in his defense. For me, I would take White’s defense over anyone else’s from the Spurs. He’s barely behind DeMar DeRozan in terms of offense and is the Spurs’ best defensive player. There’s no question that he is the best Spurs player on the roster right now. Did I mention he’s only in his 3rd year in the NBA? The eventual rebuild is coming for the Spurs franchise, however, at this point, I don’t think it will last long with Derrick White.