Biggie Little
The best that never was, Biggie Little. When you think of the best tiny point guards in basketball history, only one name should come to mind. (NBA Street Vol 2 Screenshot)

The Best That Never Was, Biggie Little

When you talk about the best small point guards in basketball history, what names come to mind? Your list is wrong if the first name that doesn’t come to your head isn’t Biggie Little. Yes, that guy from the NBA Street game. it’s time to hand out the recognition that’s deserved. The best that never was, Biggie Little.

We have done a couple of these posts. We have one on Pablo Sanchez and I also did one not too long ago on Stretch Monroe. If you’re a big time hardo, thanks for clicking on the post. You can leave now. NBA Street Vol 2 was one of the best games ever. I don’t care what you think.

Isaiah Thomas couldn’t hold Biggie Little’s jock. Nobody had nastier handles than Little. He was the most feared point guard to ever come out of the Windy City. The handles just kept building and building until you unlocked those serious game breakers. Little set the wheels in motion for that.

For a small point guard, Biggie could also really pick your pocket. The dude had a knack for snatching the ball and turning defense into offense despite his size. The guy was a miniature version of Kyrie Irving before Kyrie was ever born.

I normally didn’t rock with Little for the duration of the game. Once you pick White Water, it’s over. But Biggie Little is important during the early stages. Especially when you’re throwing up those lobs to Stretch. It was a match made in heaven.

Shout out to Biggie Little. The greatest small point guard to ever do it. Who knows, maybe he’s even an adult by now.