NBA Street Vol 2
Reminiscing Playstation 2 classics has me thinking about the greatest basketball video game ever. NBA Street Vol 2 will forever live in folklore. (NBA Street Vol 2 Game Cover)

Reminiscing PS2 Classics: NBA Street Vol 2

I don’t think there will ever be a better basketball video game that ever tops NBA Street Vol 2. Never, ever, won’t happen. NBA Street (the second edition) will go down in the history books as an instant classic that probably can’t ever be recreated.

I don’t know why but I’m in a reminiscing type of mood. I just did a post on The Godfather video game. Truth be told it’s a holiday and I have no plans. I’m here by myself typing blogs wishing I had a video game to play.

Anyway… back to NBA Street. If you never played this game, I feel bad for you. Go buy a PS2 real quick and pop that sucker in. Essentially what you would do is create a character and work your way up the ranks. You would try to defeat these street ball teams that included NBA and made up characters.

Once you win, you had your choice on if you wanted to recruit any of them on your team. Stretch Monroe will always go down as the goat. You just parked him down low and blocked every shot. Forget about goal tending. All legal in NBA Street.

I can still remember some of the made up characters. Stretch, Biggie Little, Osmosis, Dime, White Water, Bonafide, etc. It was a thrill going to the different courts and taking down these rivals. Dude… even the playlist on the game slaps (that’s something the kids say, right?).

There’s been a lot of solid basketball video games. No, 2K is not an acceptable answer. I’m talking about the real gems like NBA Jam. BUT… NBA Street will always take the cake. Who knows, maybe down the road I’ll do a gaming series on that. PS2 life was peak video game life.