That’s Some Cheese returns for episode 109 and it’s a doozy. Anthony Fontanello returns to the show to get his beef squared away with producer Alex. Would Anthony like to keep his hurtful comments about Alex in the company Slack on or off the record? Come listen to find out.

I spent a good 30 minutes trolling the last place Yankees with the two loser fans. It’s hilarious what this franchise has turned its fan base into. A bunch of LOSERS. Man, I never forget being like 7 years old and how arrogant Yankee fans used to be. They used to win the world series all the time and then continue to crush your face adding a big fish like Jason Giambi every offseason. Now they’re just cry babies and make excuses about why it’s okay to lose to the Rays and that they have to stay under the luxury tax.

If you told 7 year old Trey this was the reality today, I’d ask if we were still talking about baseball. It really is hilarious what this franchise has turned its fans into. A bunch of whiny weasels that forgot what it’s like to win.

We do end the show with a little NFL Draft talk. Anthony doesn’t like Alex’s pick of Jaelan Phillips for the Giants in our mock draft. It’s a fun and entertaining episode. You won’t want to miss it.

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