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Taye Diggs Won The Divorce From All-American

Taye Diggs


Taye Diggs
Taye Diggs won the divorce from All-American. The writers may have killed off Billy Baker, but he got the last laugh. The show is terrible without him. (JEFF KRAVITZ/FILMMAGIC)

Taye Diggs Won The Divorce From All-American

We aren’t 100% sure why the All-American writers decided to kill off Billy Baker (AKA the character played by Taye Diggs). What we do know is that Diggs left the show at the right time. There is one clear winner in this divorce and it’s Diggs by first round KO.

It’s hard to keep a show entertaining after five seasons but things are getting downright terrible when it comes to All-American. It’s still an upgrade over that awful Simone spinoff, but the fact that it’s inching closer to that is disturbing. Can we just talk about the downward spiral this show has taken since they wrote Coach Baker off the show?

Spencer James: I absolutely hate Spencer James and I view anyone that likes him differently. If guilt tripping Coach Baker into dying at Crenshaw wasn’t bad enough, Spencer just becomes a complete dirt bag after. He totally leads that girl on from the wedding store and nobody bats an eye. What he did to that chick is borderline criminal. I just can’t remember a time where the main character of the show who is supposed to be viewed as a hero treated a woman so poorly and nobody cares.

Complete dirt bag. The funny thing is, him and Olivia are made for each other. Both spoiled brats that act like cancers and can’t get away from each other.

This man Spencer quit the team, fake entered the transfer portal, made his coach write a letter to enter the portal faster, then took it all back. Nah. I’m good.

Olivia Baker: She’s vomit city. Totally disgusting and I would never be her friend.

A: She’s an awful writer. I would fire her on the spot for her work ethic. She basically wrote a grand total of one article and we’re supposed to believe she got an award for it while using a fake alias. Then took the alias back after daddy died but the viewer was supposed to somehow forget that she used the fake alias because she was snitching on the football team. Olivia Baker could never work for this company and it’s a god damn shame she is portrayed as good at her job.

B: How about the scene where Olivia hangs up a jersey of her dad and puts an award written out to Jadyn Davis next to it. As if that’s supposed to mean something. Everything is about her and all she really does it blow up the life of her loved ones for being close to her. Blowing up her mom’s career, blowing up the football team, everything she touches turns to cancer.

Patience: This is by far the most insane storyline of all. Somehow it trumps the Coop story of not deserving to be in a law class but sneaky in to then try to get the same guy fired for doing you a favor. Patience gets shanked by a fan girl and I actually laughed. Maybe saying Patience deserved to be shanked is harsh but she also brought it on herself. We’re somehow supposed to believe this 19-year-old girl who has no name behind her has three people working for her and all she does it complain if a video has 500k views on it.

Patience gets mixed up with a stalker that she continues to get involved with when people tell her what to do. She blows up her own life and blames in on her team that has no reason to support her.

This show is becoming tragic. Tragic in a bad way. The only winner is Taye Diggs for leaving the Titanic. Well, Layla Keating is lowkey thriving but everyone else blows. End of blog.

Side note: Why exactly did they kill off Coach Baker? The writers had two options here.

A: Coach Baker reunites with his former high school players that he groomed and helps lead Golden Angeles to the title.

B: Coach Baker can’t take the job anymore and limp wide receiver coach Kenny gets promoted above his head. Spencer and Jordan Baker are basically the coaches.

The All-American writers chose option B which should tell you everything you need to know about this painfully average show that’s trending towards irrelevance.


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Wow opinionated much?! Lol There are some
that actually realize this is just a “show” and not real life! You write about it as of these people are real, which I find comical. Love all the characters and the talent behind the writers – just may not be for some and they need to stop watching it than!

Roslinda Austin

I agree they should stop watching if they don’t like it..


I give this review a -0 stars. This writer watched this season with their eyes closed while having a cold heart. This writer must have never lost someone that closed to them , who made a huge impact on their life. The writers/creators of this season, truly put all the right words and emotions in this season! I truly felt Spencer’s pain! As for Olivia’s part, the writer of this article must of not fully watched her character this season. They are plenty of writers out their who using alias. Please get a better reviewer. This person doesn’t know what they are talking about.


How do you give Layla a pass. She has been with everybody in the group except JJ..


Show not good no more. Bring backTaye diggs


I agree. The storylines suck. Maybe the show can be saved if they go back to the original formula.


Did you forget, they are not only young adults, but privileged as well. It’s d@$& good writing from that aspect!

King king

Lol y’all funny

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