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(Geffri Maya as Simone Hicks: The CW 2022 The CW Network, LLC)

Spencer James Sucks, Simone Hicks Sucks, The All American Franchise Is A Travesty

All American
Spencer James sucks, Simone Hicks sucks, and the entire All American franchise is a total travesty. CW needs to cancel this garbage. (Geffri Maya as Simone Hicks: The CW 2022 The CW Network, LLC)

Spencer James Sucks, Simone Hicks Sucks, The All American Franchise Is A Travesty

Why can’t we just have nice things? Are people even trying anymore?

It’s story time:

I have a pizza spot here that I love. It’s called &pizza. Long story short, they have a rewards program where after 1,000 points you get a free pizza. I order from them a decent amount so that rewards program is clutch. Then I got this text.

All American
How are you going to take my pizza rewards away and increase them by making it 50% harder? Fuck that.

We can’t have nice things. Nobody is trying anymore. Everybody just chucks a middle finger in your face and you’re expected to take it. No, no, no I’m taking a stand. We all deserve better. Everybody just sucks right now and I hate all of you.

It’s time to call out the All American franchise. It’s a joke. I can’t believe they put this product on TV and feel good about it. It makes me only hate people more. We can’t have NFL Head coach anymore but don’t worry guys! Here’s a fistful of All American which sucks but take it anyway because that’s all we can do.

Look, I was semi-complimentary of All American in the past. It had a what could go wrong will go wrong element but overall it was a decent watch. There was at least a feel good story. Great athlete that comes from tough background tries to make the league. Good angle and semi interesting. Now? This shit makes my eyes bleed and only further confirms we need to change this stigma of what’s acceptable in the sports world.

This actually happened during the show. Golden Angeles punted the ball with 46 seconds left and one time out. Mathematically speaking, you would fire the coach on the sidelines immediately for not realizing that you have to go for it there on 4th down or the game is over. Instead, these script writers tried to make you believe they would punt, force a fumble on the punt, get sacked and burn the only timeout they had, then magically throw an 80 yard bomb to a wide open receiver in signal coverage for the win. It’s a garbage show and I can’t believe nobody else is losing their mind.

Furthermore, Spencer James is the worst. This dude tries to act like god and has the sensitivity level of a six-month-old baby who shit himself. This dude really threw a hissy fit because Asher wrote a scouting report on him that said he wasn’t always confident. Keep in mind, Spencer stole his girlfriend TWICE and Asher still tried to be friends with him. Ain’t nobody got time for Spencer James. He’s a walking man child that sucks. If I could legally punch Spencer James in the face I’d do it yesterday.

His girlfriend Oliva sucks too. Her rat face is always in places it doesn’t need to be. She’s a shit journalist and her only real stories come from banging the star incoming true freshman. That along with being brothers of the freshman quarterback. She has no talent. Just a rat face that benefits from having rich parents and being around athletes. Her writing sucks too. Can’t even get an article published in weeks? Her ass would have been fired here.

But wait there’s more!

I haven’t even gotten to the worst character yet. Let me tell you about Simone Hicks because that girl is straight cancer. It’s the only way to describe her. Just remember all you have to do is be a bad person and good things will happen to you. That’s the way of the world.

I will summarize this as quickly as possible. Simone gets pregnant, Pulls a fake out and tries to pin it on the star quarterback, turns out the kid isn’t his, he dates her anyway like an idiot. They eventually get married even though it’s not actually official. The second this bitch leaves for college she gets gooey eyes over Damon Sims who’s just a total piece of shit. I’m supposed to root for this girl? I’m supposed to believe THAT girl deserves her own spin off show?

Fuck that. I’m out. She’s literal garbage. I’m cutting off everything with a scissor in the downstairs area before I even glance in her direction. That’s how garbage Simone Hicks is. Better yet, her scumbag aunt we’re made to believe we should feel bad for her because she got arrested for breaking and entering all because she had to break a story. Nope. She sucks too. So does her entire family dinners and every person that attends them.

If you want a real show to watch, Lincoln Lawyer is a good place to start.

I could keep going but I’m done. I can’t do it anymore. It’s only making me angrier. Yeah, I’m supposed to believe an MLB prospect picks shit Bringston because of that cancer Simone. Nope. Outrageous.

We need to take a stand. This show is garbage and needs to be taken off the air. More resources for Kung Fu. Fewer resources for whatever garbage All American is trying to sell us. It’s not realistic, all of the character sucks, and I’m just angry the whole time watching it.

You’re done, you’re done, you’re done. Never again will my eyeballs be forced to endure the pain that All American puts us through. We deserve better.


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