Josh Allen My MVP
(James P. McCoy / Buffalo News)

Stefon Diggs Says Consider Josh Allen for MVP – “My MVP”

Stefon Diggs said Josh Allen is his MVP after this season with the Buffalo Bills.

Diggs, the former Minnesota Viking wide receiver with Kirk Cousins knows and appreciates Allen’s 2020 season. The duo was great for the Bills and Diggs set personal records as well as leading the league in receptions and receiving yards in his first year in Orchard Park.

On Good Morning Football on NFL Network Diggs gave his perspective on the MVP race.

“But he played some elite football and I just want people to appreciate it, appreciate some good quarterback play. Because he had a hell of a year and people are just going to like, don’t just forget about him now. He had a hell of a year. Please consider him as your MVP because he is mine.”

Diggs on Good Morning Football

Allen really did make an incredible leap from two seasons ago to last season. The addition of Diggs added a new weapon gave the Bills a deep play threat and was the missing piece that got the team to AFC championship game.

“I feel like I had a different view from everybody, He had an elite year, for me, coming from my perspective, seeing him grind, seeing the time he put in. Of course, he’s going to get lost in the traffic a little bit just because of those guys. People love Lamar Jackson, people love Aaron Rodgers… my guy will get lost a little bit”

Diggs on Good Morning Football

Although Allen is not yet in the same category as Rodgers, I think he is a way better QB than Lamar Jackson because Allen can actually throw the ball while also being able to scramble.

This year was not his only chance to be an MVP caliber quarterback, the future is bright for Allen and he will have his chance to hoist that trophy one day, but it is not going to be this year.

TL//DR: Stefon Diggs says “Josh Allen is my MVP”