WSD Slept Walked NYC
(via Barstool Bets)

In the new hit series from Barstool Sports Surviving Barstool, it was revealed WSD slept walked through NYC. He went out of their New York City office and right through the subway system.

Dave Williams aka White Sox Dave (WSD) was one of eight contestants on the new reality show that was challenged to sleep in the Barstool office in NYC for a week and compete in challenges for a prize of $10,000 dollars. WSD was actually voted off first by his peers in episode 1, however, the show hinted at a sleep walking incident that had Dave walking around the office.

On Red Line Radio a podcast run by Barstool Chicago, where Dave is from, WSD elaborated on the story on revealed what truly happened

“I slept walked and I came to in the fucking subway system. I was in the subway, it was 4am and I had no shoes on, I had weird fucking pants on.

I didn’t tell anybody this because I didn’t want to get disqualified at the time

After I came to – who knows how long I was out there for… I had to piss my fucking brains out, my feet are just like icicles

WSD on Red Line Radio

I am not sure if all the readers truly know how disgusting the NYC subway system really is. It always smells like a combination of urine, fecal matter, and a garbage dump. That is, to put it mildly. Aside from the fact of how dangerous it could be to be underground in NYC at night, it is really astounding that Dave made it out of their un-harmed.

WSD was voted off by the other contestants after this first episode, but since he is from Chicago and needed to be around for the finale, he stayed the remainder of the week in a hotel.

TL//DR: WSD slept walked through NYC