Josh Allen
(AP Photo/John Munson)

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen took a leap this year, elevating his play to new heights this year. The 6 foot 5 inch California native lead the Bills to the AFC championship game this season.

Bill’s General Manager Brandon Beane thinks he hasn’t even reached his full potential yet. Beane in his end of season press conference praised his third year QB out of Wyoming:

“I think he’s shown people what he can do in this league, I don’t think he has reached his ceiling, I think their is still growth for him”

Brandon Beane – January 27th

Josh Allen was drafted 7th overall in the 2018 NFL draft and the third quarterback taken after Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold. The gunslinger who plays his home games in Orchard Park, New York has had the most postseason success out of all the quarterbacks drafted in that class. Josh Allen doesn’t have the hardware of his fellow draft class member Lamar Jackson, but already has more playoff wins than Jackson. Josh Allen took a leap this year that propelled this Bills to their first AFC East title in over two decades.

It pains me to say this, but Allen is probably the best quarterback of this class. Lamar Jackson has not proven he is able to throw the ball consistently, so when the Ravens are down late in the game, they struggle to score points quickly. My boy Sam Darnold has not proven his ability to win, although I give him the benefit of the doubt for having the worst head coaches in the recent NFL era. Baker Mayfield is a good serviceable offensive leader, but I consider him a game manager and especially this year with the Browns having the two best running backs in the league.

Josh Rosen was also drafted in this class by the Arizona Cardinals. He goes down as the worst QB from this draft in a landslide, with the team who drafted him shipping him out of town after just one season.

TL//DR: Josh Allen took a leap this year, but still has room to grow according to Bill’s GM Brandon Beane.