SimBull NBA

SimBull NBA: Best Buys And Sells On The Market

If you haven’t heard, Vendetta Sports Media recently agreed to being a partner with SimBull. If you don’t know what SimBull is, it’s a stock market for Sports teams. It’s actually a really cool concept. I urge you to try it and use the code: vendetta when you sign up and make your first deposit. Our Vendetta guys are really intrigued with it, including me. I’ve looked at SimBull NBA on their site and I have the best buys and sells on the market.

Best Buys On The Market

After looking at the prices of each share on their website, they are some sneaky good buys you can make now that will help to the end of the season. I’ll go best to worst on buys that I would do.

Houston Rockets

My best buy right now on SimBull NBA is the Houston Rockets, priced at about $25. I have bought this share. There’s no doubt the Rockets are in a funk, however, this is the 8th cheapest buy you can get and it has the highest upside. Christian Wood has been injured and that has hurt the Rockets tremendously. When he comes back, Wood, John Wall, and Victor Oladipo will get the Rockets back on track.

Washington Wizards

The Wizards started off the year horribly. A lot of people blamed it on Russell Westbrook, which is fair. But now, the Wizards are getting in a groove. They have gone 7-3 in the last 10 games and their chemistry is looking great. This share is $26.75 and could have great upside.

Charlotte Hornets

LaMelo. Ball. That’s all you need to know about the Hornets. Ever since LaMelo Ball has started for the Hornets the Hornets have been 7-6. Their 6 losses included teams like the Jazz, the Spurs, and the 76ers. But, it’s obvious the Hornets play better with LaMelo Ball starting. The future ROY will earn you some money with this share at $27.78.

Portland TrailBlazers

The Blazers are trending in the right direction at just the right time. This makes their stock attractive at a price of $29. This could pay dividends come playoff time. I can only see this price moving up from here.

Memphis Grizzlies

This is the last buy on my top 5 that I would do. Grizzlies have a great young team that will amaze you at times. The team is currently .500 right now but they have been streaky as of late. This share costs $26.68 meaning the risk is low for this stock and has tremendous upside as we go into the 2nd half of the season.

Best Sells

Now, for the best sells on SimBull NBA. There might be some teams that will surprise you, but sell these teams and buy some shares from the teams above. Like the Best Buys section, this will be in order of best to worst sells I would do.

Utah Jazz

I may get some hate for this, but I am just not a firm believer in the Jazz. Their share is priced at about $47. Sell now, reap the benefits. I don’t think the Jazz can keep this up the entire year. If you sell now, you can buy 2 shares of the best buy above with just 1 Utah Jazz share. The Utah jazz will lose their value soon, don’t miss out.

Dallas Mavericks

What are we doing here? The Mavericks are just not a trustworthy team. Luka has been great but can we say about everyone else? Kristaps Porzingis has reportedly been on the trading block, if the Mavericks trade him, this share will plummet in value. Don’t trust this share, sell it now at $33.33.

Boston Celtics

I’m not sure why the Celtics are so high on the market. They’re the 9th highest team on the market but they are not the 9th best team in the NBA or even trending up that way. This is a no-brainer sell for me at $33. Maybe after the Celtics trade Kemba Walker, it might be a good idea to buy, but not right now.

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors have Steph Curry. Which can make this stock attractive, but that’s the only reason it is. The Warriors are lackluster outside of Curry. Steph Curry may be worth $30 by himself, the rest of the team is the other $3. Sell this share, not because of Curry, but because of the rest of the team.

New York Knicks

Alright, I will be the party pooper of the NBA, I’m not a firm believer in the Knicks. I’m glad that they’re playing well. The NBA is better when the Knicks are good, but I think the Knicks are massively overrated. The Knicks beat teams that are worse than them, but if they play a playoff team, they lose almost every time. Let’s chill out on the Knicks, don’t buy the hype just yet.