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Dillon Brooks

Shoutout to Vendetta’s Nick Aprea for the meme

I am Once Again Asking the Memphis Grizzlies to Trade Dillon Brooks

Dillon Brooks
Shoutout to Vendetta’s Nick Aprea for the meme

For the love of God, can the Memphis Grizzlies please peruse a trade that involves Dillon Brooks? I usually like to ease my articles into what I’m talking about, but not this time. I’m done dealing with this. I just can’t do it anymore.

Hey God, Me Again

Understandably so, many of you may not watch a lot of Grizzlies games. They are a small market team that gets a max of two nationally televised games. Memphis is well ahead of its rebuild. Cornerstone Jaren Jackson Jr. still hasn’t seen the court this season and the Grizzlies sit around the .500 mark. But there is one person that is holding this team back, Dillon Brooks.

Brooks is shooting career lows in every single category. This man shoots six 3-pointers a game and is shooting 28%. TWENTY-EIGHT PERCENT WHILE SHOOTING SIX THREE-POINTERS A GAME. It’s unbelievable. You can’t justify having a guy on your squad that shoots that many shots and that terribly. Doesn’t matter if you have him on a decent deal. Brooks will always be a liability out there.

What confuses me is that at the start of the season Brooks seemed to be on the upward trend. Not because he was making shots, but because he was hitting the open man and passing up on some of his ridiculous shots. But now he has reverted to his old tricks. So many on Grizz Twitter were saying Brooks was owed an apology. I never bought into it. If Brooks was a stock, I would’ve shorted that stock and walked away a millionaire.

Does Brooks Have Any Value?

Last year when Brooks was pissing me off, I wrote about how he needed to be traded and potential trade packages. In retrospect, those trades won’t happen or aren’t enough. Bradley Beal and Zach LaVine are probably the only two that are possible, but I’m not holding my breath. It would take a lot to grab either of those guys.

But Memphis does have assets to give up. The Wizards and Bulls would not get a Harden level haul for their respected players, but multiple firsts are obviously in play. The Grizzlies own the rights to a first round pick from the Jazz and the Warriors. Those can either be used in place of their own, or replace the picks given up. Brooks, Brandon Clarke, and Grayson Allen are the three names that would be attached to any trade. As much as I love Clarke, I would not pass up an opportunity to add an elite scorer.

Please Memphis, trade Dillon Brooks. In the slack once, local Vendetta Trailblazers superfan Dacota said he’d take Brooks for Trevor Ariza and a first. Instant deal. I’d take a $30 gift card to Red Lobster even. There is literally no way the Grizzlies get worse with Brooks off the team. Stop the heartbreak. Trade him.



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