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SimBull MLB: 2021 Trade Deadline Losers

The 2021 MLB trade deadline was one for the ages with big names being traded left and right, but who are the true losers in regard to future SimBull value? A lot of teams went all in while teams like the Cubs sold the farm in exchange for some future assets. When Karl told you to sell the SimCubs a few weeks ago, he was right, but the team at least got returns for the expiring contracts they sent out.

San Diego Padres ($37.05)

Max Scherzer’s name was on the top of almost every buyer’s list and he was first rumored to be traded to Padres. Instead, that deal fell through and he and his teammate Trea Turner ended up going to the team directly above them in the division.

It turned out that Scherzer forced his way out West and wanted to play in Los Angeles specifically, so the Padres ended up empty-handed. They failed to unload Eric Hosmer’s contract and did not enlist any starting pitching help, essentially staying the same when they needed to improve. For investors, that mistake goes against every win now mindset and definitely sets them back.

Colorado Rockies ($25.70)

In baseball, in particular, teams trade their best players with expiring contracts to try and get some sort of prospect return to build for the future. The entire world thought Trevor Story was going to be traded – nobody knew where, but everyone assumed he was gone. We were all wrong, but this time the Rockies, not us, are the idiots.

The Rockies are going to let Trevor Story rot by himself in that lineup while the team loses another forty games. For SimBull investors who bought in while anticipating a return in the long run, this decision by management set them back.


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