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Young Thug Early Career

The man that goes by Young Thug, Jeffery, SEX, and Thugger is one of the biggest names in rap. The Atlanta rapper has gone from mumble rapper to lyrical genius. Early in his career, Thug caught lots of slack from mumbling in his verses. The song that gave him the title “mumble rapper” came from one of his biggest hits, “Lifestyle.” With his flow being so fast, it was hard for people to understand him. He immediately was counted out as a rapper after dropping this song. Shortly after, he would be questioned about his sexuality, being known for wearing women’s dresses with his unique fashion sense. The hate never stopped Young Thug from doing things his way. Since he has released 2 complication albums, 19 mixtapes, and his first studio album in 2019. The first album, So Much Fun, sold 131,000 units in the first week. On streaming services, it reached 167.9 million listens in its first week.

Influence On Today’s Rap

Young Thug is now one of the most beloved rappers in the rap game. His outgoing personality of bringing people up to fame with him may be his best quality. He started his own record company YSL Records, where he can bring talent into rap music. The most notably being his “little brother” Gunna, who has become a star as well. Their song “Hot” reached number 11 on Billboard Top 100. One of the biggest rap stars in the game, Lil Baby, was paid by Young Thug to get off the streets to focus on rapping. Thug envisioned too much talent from the rapper for it to be wasted. Now, Lil Baby is by far having the best year in 2021 out of all rappers. He is considered by many to be the best rapper in the game right now. His album “My Turn,” which Vendetta’s own Eric Reynolds reviewed, won album of the year at iHeartRadio Music Awards. Young Thug will continue to pave the way for the future of rap and add to his resume.

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