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(Aaron Doster/Associated Press)

SimBull MLB: SimCubs Are a Hard Sell Entering the 2021 Trade Deadline

(Aaron Doster/Associated Press)

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SimBull MLB: Sell the SimCubs ASAP

We just had someone put out a blog about how the Cubs should not be sellers at the 2021 MLB Trade Deadline, citing their talented roster. Anyone is allowed to have that opinion, but it ultimately doesn’t matter because we already know that the Cubs plan to sell the farm. We’ve known that for weeks now. And Chicago telegraphing that desire to sell at the deadline should also signal to investors on the SimBull MLB market that the SimCubs are a big time sell candidate. Get rid of them as soon as possible.

It comes down to the fact that the Cubs aren’t going to win anything anytime soon. Chicago’s National League squad is fighting a losing battle for third place in the NL Central. As I wrote in my SimBull MLB Chicago comparison, the Cubs’ winning days are over. They know this, and are likely going to ship off most of their core from the 2016 World Series winning team. Trade rumors have been flying for weeks now regarding Kris Bryant, Craig Kimbrel, Anthony Rizzo, and even Javy Baez.

If Big Trades Happen, the SimCubs Price Will Tank

The SimCubs are currently priced at $32.06 per share, the 14th highest price of all MLB teams. This price is down almost $6 from where it was a month ago. It’s a pretty fair price given their performance thus far. This leads me to believe that SimBull investors are not nearly as disillusioned with the SimCubs as they are with the SimYankees.

Once the dominos start falling at the MLB Trade Deadline and the Cubs start trading out players, expect their share price to drop as more people realize that they won’t be winning. It has already started with the Joc Pederson trade, so expect more selling to come soon. Sell your SimCubs stock while you can still get some value from it.


Disclaimer: I want to clearly communicate that this is all my opinion and my individual assessment of value. I am not a financial advisor. Be smart with how you invest your money.

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