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SimBull Full Team Breakdown: Jacksonville Jaguars

Vendetta Sports Media has you covered, breaking down all 32 teams by their SimBull value. Next up on the list: the Jacksonville Jaguars. Aside from their miracle run to the AFC Championship in 2018, this team has been god-awful for a long time, but with a new head coach and a generational talent at quarterback, are the Jags finally headed in the right direction? Only time will tell.

Biggest Reasons To Buy On SimBull

The Jaguars had some big wins in the offseason. They brought in a new head coach in Urban Meyer and did fairly well in the draft, including landing top QB prospect Trevor Lawrence. Jacksonville made some noise in free agency as well, landing Shaquill Griffin and Marvin Jones Jr., among others, to help bolster the roster’s talent. If Lawrence lives up to all the hype, this Jaguars team could make some noise in the subpar AFC South for years to come, and having breakout star James Robinson at RB will certainly take some of the pressure off of Lawrence as he enters his rookie season.

Biggest Reasons To Avoid Buying On SimBull

Realize how young this team is. Urban Meyer is not guaranteed to succeed in the NFL, and Trevor Lawrence is only a rookie this year. Ranking 31st in total defense and 28th in total offense a year ago means that the team did not have a lot to work with coming into this year, and while the roster had a few nice existing pieces, it also left a lot to be desired across the board, and the Jags will only win if their free-agent signings and draft selections pan out. Typically, a team one year removed from a 1-15 season is not a worthwhile investment, and the Jags may end up following that trend all-too-closely.

My Opinion

If you are looking to make money off a team this season, rather than looking long-term, do not invest in the Jacksonville Jaguars. They may not make you much this season, but this Jaguars team is very intriguing as a long-term investment. If you can play the long game and show patience, the team is worth a few shares, but if you want to make money now, avoid this team and look at some better value teams.

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