UFC Welterweight
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UFC Welterweight Division Breakdown: Who Are The Real Contenders?

The UFC welterweight division would be stacked if Kamaru Usman was not utterly unbeatable.

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Champion: Kamaru Usman

Usman is easily the best UFC welterweight, and he has a strong case for being the best pound-for-pound fighter on Earth as well. Currently on a 14-win streak, Usman made clear that he was the best in the division when he absolutely eviscerated Jorge Masvidal’s chin at UFC 261. His combination of knockout power and elite wrestling makes him virtually unbeatable.  

#1 Welterweight Contender: Colby Covington

Colby Covington might be the most hated UFC fighter right now, and he might deserve it too. He and Usman have a very public hatred for each other., and Covington ran his mouth so much in the lead-up to his fight with Usman at UFC 245 that Usman broke his jaw to shut him up. Covington is woefully inaccurate, only landing 38% of his strikes, and although his championship-level wrestling somewhat makes up for it, he does not appear able to beat Usman. His wrestling gives him a chance, but if the fight stays on the feet, he will not be able to stand in front and trade.

#2 Welterweight Contender: Gilbert Burns

Gilbert Burns has the best chance at beating Usman of anyone in the division. Burns does not have accurate striking or super elite wrestling, but he trained with the Usman for years, and that fact gives him the best shot at the title. He does have some power in his hands and he is also a high-level submission fighter, so if Burns can somehow wrestle Usman down and set him up for triangle or armbar, he could dethrone the champ, but try not hold your breath on Burns taking the title anytime soon. Usman still looks unstoppable.

#3 Welterweight Contender: Leon Edwards

Leon Edwards is an elite fighter in the welterweight division, but he does not have what it takes to dethrone Usman. Not only has Edwards only fought once in the last two years, but he is fighting washed-up bum Nate Diaz instead of a top-three fighter. Edwards is a warrior, and if Usman was not champion, I would say that Edwards would probably win the belt. His wrestling is merely ok, but he has good striking and a ton of heart.

If Edwards beats Nate Diaz at UFC 263, there is a good chance he will get a shot at the belt, but he may not be ready for that yet. He needs to fight someone higher up in the division to prepare for Usman, as his striking will not be nearly enough to win on its own. Edwards would need to have some sort of advantage to have a chance of beating Usman, but he is sorely lacking that right now.

Who Else?

Nobody, to be honest. No one in the division can beat Usman and there are only three guys who have greater than a 0% chance. Usman may very well go down as the greatest UFC welterweight of all time, and I would be shocked if he loses the belt unless he vacates it.

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