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SimBull Full Team Breakdown: Cleveland Browns

Our continuing breakdown of all 32 teams in terms of their SimBull value takes us to the Cleveland Browns. There is a lot to like about where this team is going, but their future rides solely on the shoulders of Baker Mayfield. Do you have faith that he can lead his team to a division crown and a deep playoff run? That’s the biggest question you have to ask yourself with the Browns for investing in them. We most recently broke down the Bengals, which you can find here.

Biggest Reasons To Buy On SimBull

On paper, this team is one of the most talented not only in the AFC but in the NFL in general. Their cast and crew on both offense and defense are littered with talent. Baker Mayfield, a returning OBJ, Nick Chubb, and a very good offensive line. On defense, the addition of Jadeveon Clowney opposite Myles Garrett should be unstoppable. With Denzel Ward on the outside shutting down the opposing team’s number 1 wide receiver, there is no stopping this team. They even went out and drafted very well this year, and you can expect some of these rookies to pitch in and help immediately, especially on defense.

Biggest Reason To Avoid Buying On SimBull

Really, the only reasons I can find to not invest in the Browns are price and division, and even then they aren’t major concerns with this team. Their current price is 5th highest on SimBull at $39 but honestly if you believe in this team that shouldn’t scare you. Their division, the AFC North, had three teams win 10+ games and make the playoffs last year in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland. But we can’t forget about Cincinnati who is getting better year by year and should be a tough out in 2021. However, I don’t see where Cleveland should regress, especially with a declining Pittsburgh team, so the path to the playoffs shouldn’t be too challenging for the Browns.

My Opinion

All things considered, you have to ask yourself if you believe in Baker Mayfield. If you do, this team is 100% a team you should look into investing in especially for the long term past this season. If you answer no, it honestly still wouldn’t hurt to take a flier and grab at least a share or two. This team should contend for the AFC North crown this year, and potentially a deep playoff run. Steelers fandom aside, this Browns team is going places.

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