Lamar Jackson
(Scott Taetsch/Getty)

Signing Lamar Jackson To An Extension Would Be A Mistake

The Baltimore Ravens have exercised Lamar Jackson’s fifth-year option, so the logical next step would be to hammer out an extension right? Well, that would not only be a mistake, but it would be a colossal one. That’s right, signing Lamar Jackson to an extension would be a mistake that will haunt the Ravens for many years to come.

Amount Of Money

First off, how much would a Lamar Jackson extension be? We saw Dak Prescott sign a hefty contract months ago, and we instantly identified it as a mistake. If Dak Prescott is making $40 million a year, what would Lamar aim for? $42 million? $44 million? Does he dare aim for $50 million? No one knows! Dak Prescott is probably the floor for Lamar, and that’s concerning. We hear people chanting from the rooftops “GET LAMAR SOME HELP.” Well if he’s making over $40 million a year, getting him help becomes borderline impossible. Also, does it even matter if the Ravens get Lamar an elite wide receiver? If Julio Jones went to Baltimore he’d just disappear off the face of the earth.

Unsustainable System

This system is flat-out unsustainable. Lamar Jackson has played 46 games in the NFL as a quarterback and he has 482 rushing attempts. That’s ridiculous, it’s unsustainable, it’s not going to work for his career. The only reason this offense works is because of Jackson’s ridiculous athleticism. If he keeps up this pace, he’ll have over 1400 rushing attempts by age 30, AS A QUARTERBACK. That’s not sustainable, it’s not effective, it won’t work. The Ravens won’t win a Super Bowl like that, and that’s all that really matters in the end. With that many carries, the hits will pile up and the athleticism will fade. You have to look at Jackson’s career shelf life as a running back here because once he loses his elite athleticism, he will struggle. This system builds upon his running ability while handicapping the offense everywhere else.

A Lamar Jackson extension would be a big-time mistake. His cost will handicap the ability to surround him with talent (Which everyone says he needs) and his playstyle simply is not sustainable. The Steelers have exposed him multiple times, soon the entire NFL will expose him as well.

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