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Breaking Down The Arizona Cardinals for SimBull

Now that the NFL Draft is wrapped up, we are going to start breaking down all 32 NFL teams in terms of their value on SimBull and giving y’all an idea if they are a good buy or not. First up: Arizona Cardinals.

Biggest Reasons to Buy on SimBull

The obvious here should be the offense. The Cardinals’ offense, led by Kyler Murray, got better this offseason with the additions of James Connor, AJ Green, and others. The Cardinals graded out alright in their draft this year but landed speed demon and future stud Rondale Moore in the second round, which should help this offense tremendously. Plus, with the addition of JJ Watt this offseason, the Cardinals are building quite a strong defense that can attempt to slow down some of these high-octane offenses in the NFC. This will also be Kyler Murray’s third year in this system, which means the game should be coming more naturally to him. Murray was second in the NFL in fantasy points, meaning this offense should produce.

Biggest Reasons to Avoid Buying on SimBull

SimBull is all about wins, that’s how you make your money, right? This Cardinals team should have been near the top of the NFC West and the NFC in general with the talent on this roster, but only won 8 games last year. With this division always being regarded as one of the hardest in football, wins might be hard to come by. You also have to ask yourself how much do you believe in Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray? Will the jump finally happen this year to superstardom for the former #1 overall pick? The offensive line doesn’t do many favors in terms of blocking anyone, so the run game might not be formidable.

My Opinion

Do I believe in what is going on in Arizona? Not entirely. I am not convinced that Kyler Murray will lead a team down a Super Bowl run. But if you are telling me that I can get the Arizona Cardinals at $29 a share, the 9th lowest on SimBull? I would absolutely buy high on that. With getting .50 a win with SimBull, the Cardinals are going to make you some money this year. My recommendation would be to buy now on this team in hopes the price doesn’t jump up like it should because this is one of the better buys on the market.

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