Aaron Jones
Should fantasy owners worry about Aaron Jones’ potential workload in 2020? It could limit his potential after a crazy productive 2019 season. (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Aaron Jones was the 3rd best running back in fantasy last year. Can he repeat that momentum in 2020? I don’t think the talent is the issue. It really comes down to an opportunity issue. The Packers are becoming more and more of a run first offense under Matt LeFleur. They’re also becoming more and more of a committee. Jones is fantastic but it’s hard to know exactly how great he will be in 2020.

Should fantasy owners worry about the workload for Aaron Jones? Probably at least a little. Jamaal Williams is still very much a factor in this offense. At least, he was last year. Williams missed a few games last year with a concussion. In the games Williams didn’t play, Jones went bananas.

Aaron Jones
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Small sample size but the numbers are staggering. Free Aaron Jones! Well, Green Bay did when Williams wasn’t available. He’s basically scoring two touchdowns a game when Williams didn’t play. I’m afraid Williams isn’t going away even if he is a far lesser player.

Things broke really well from the Packers in 2019. They won 13 games while being outscored on the season. I’m not sure they’re even a good team. It’s a concern but I’m not sure this hinders Jones’ success if Green Bay is worse. Jones is by far the best pass catcher out of the backfield. Outside of Davante Adams, they don’t have a reliable weapon on the roster. Jones is a factor and will get plenty of looks. Might even be beneficial to get in more high scoring games because Jones really is taking on the Alvin Kamara role in this offense.

Then there’s the AJ Dillon factor. Green Bay drafted Dillon in the second round. I would assume he’s going to get his carries. Jones scored 19 touchdowns last year. What happens if Dillon is the new short yardage back? Dillon checks in at 240 and fits the mold. His running style isn’t really one that is built for short yardage but you don’t take a running back in the 2nd round to then not use him.

I think it’s a lot like Alvin Kamara. Regardless of what’s going on, Kamara is going to score big points. Same with Aaron Jones. The man is electric. Jones is averaging 5 yards a carry in his career. We just don’t if Green Bay will fully unleash him. Jones is a great fantasy back. How great remains to be seen.