Madden 21
Sorry for the quick rant, but it’s getting ridiculous out here.

Why can’t Madden 21 and EA figure this out?

Episode 3 of our Backyard Football series is here! But before we can begin, I had to go on a rant about Madden 21. Did you know that Backyard Football, a kid’s game that came out in 1999, has more customization options and features? Backyard Football features not just changing names or color schemes, but creating custom plays. Something that fans of Madden have been begging EA to put into the game for a while now. It just blows my mind. A children’s game that’s 20 years old has more in it than a AAA game in 2020.

Because of this, most of us here at Vendetta will more than likely boycott Madden this year and for the foreseeable future. Instead, we all intend to check out Maximum Football 2020. The developers actually seem to care what the community says and actually put in the effort to improve their game. Scott Logush did an amazing interview with the developers and you should 100% check it out. The game looks really good for just 5 people working on it. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I honestly hope Madden 21 flops and EA loses the exclusive rights.

It’s quite tiring listening to the bs EA puts out. I hope everyone out there reads about the boycott and decides to join. One new mode shouldn’t mean that we forgive years of EA developers getting lazy with their product. 2K is supposed to have their own football game come out sometime in the future. Although I have my reservations about 2K because of their basketball games, competition is best for us as consumers. I will be more than happy to take my money elsewhere.