Hey NBA. Start your games on time. I want things to be on time including sports. Being 17 minutes late is not okay. (David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images)

My Dad has this philosophy. I’m not as much of a hardo about it but I agree with it. If you’re not 15 minutes early, you’re late. Personally, I’m not as bad but I don’t like being late. I want my things to start on time including sports. I’m not sure anybody is worse at being late than the NBA. Forget about being on time, you can bookmark the NBA games starting an hour late every time.

Look, I’m just happy sports are back. I don’t mean to complain here but what are we doing? I’ll give you an example. I’m getting ready to watch the Bucks and Celtics game today, right. The scheduled time for the game is 6:30. You would think the game would start at 6:30. Hell, I’ll even give you 6:35… no big deal. You want to know when tip off was for that game? SIX FOURTY SEVEN! WTF!

Listen, maybe I’m being ridiculous but I don’t care. This is flat out INSANE. Imagine showing for a job interview 17 minutes late. You wouldn’t get the job. Imagine just showing up to meet your friend 17 minutes late and act like it’s no big deal. I’d be pissed. Chad decided to show up for trivia 17 minutes late and the guys wanted to kick him out. This is something that needs to be taken seriously.

Hey NBA. This isn’t 1670 anymore. We’re not judging time based on the moon and stars. We have clocks. We even have phones that set alarms to remind you of things. There’s never an excuse to start 17 minutes late. broadcasters introducing the game, starting lineups, anything needs to come before tip off. I’m all for showing the national anthem especially right now showing the player kneeling. I’m all for it. If the game starts at 7 it better be on at 7 and no later than 7:05. It’s time to take a stand!