Cam Newton
Former teammate Shaq Thompson insists that Cam Newton ‘still has it’. Should we be more optimistic about Newton thriving in New England? (Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images/File)

I’ll be honest, I have no idea what Cam Newton we’re getting with the Patriots. Neither should you. Health seems to be the biggest talking point with Newton. 2019 was ugly for the former number one pick out of Auburn. Cam signed a minimum prove it contract with New England this offseason but what version are we getting? Well, one of his former teammates in Carolina says we should be more than optimistic.

Shaq Thompson didn’t mince words. Cam Newton ‘still has it’:

“Man, I was happy for Cam,” Thompson told Colleen Wolfe of NFL Media. “I hated that it took so long for him to get signed. He’s an MVP quarterback. Cam still has it. And I’m happy for him, I’m glad the Patriots invested in him and I can’t wait to see Cam Newton come out there and play.”

Thompson, 26, was a first round pick in 2015 so he’s been with Newton for the duration of his career. Thompson’s opinion is noteworthy because this is one of the guys who’s been in the locker room with Newton for a very long time. He must love Cam as a person too or he wouldn’t have spoken out. Greg Olsen was among the other players who spoke highly on Newton’s behalf.

The AFC East remains wide open. Recently, we put out a poll. I was shocked by the results.

I think 58 percent is way too high but I won’t say it’s impossible. Bill Belichick is a little bit of a game changer. It’s possible Newton has the best season of the bunch. Tua Tagovailoa is a rookie, Josh Allen still struggles with accuracy, and Sam Darnold couldn’t have been put in worse circumstances. Time will tell how this plays out.