Max Kellerman
(Araya Diaz/WireImage)

Max Kellerman, what are you on? Today on First Take Max Kellerman had the audacity to say “At this moment (Jimmy Garoppolo is better than Carson Wentz).”

He goes on to say that Garoppolo has played better in the last couple years and that he would take Wentz “going forward.”

He said that the 49ers went from the 2nd overall pick in the draft to the Super Bowl because of Jimmy Garoppolo. First off, that’s a total fabrication. The 49ers did not have Nick Bosa. The 49ers lost Jaquiski Tartt, Dante Pettis, Pierre Garcon and Raheem Mostert to injured reserve in 2018.

Second, in the 2019 postseason Jimmy Garoppolo threw 58 passes in 3 games. 37 completions (63.8%) for 427 total passing yards (142.3 per game). He also threw 2 Touchdowns 3 interceptions for a passer rating of 75.9. (per Foxsports).

To put this into perspective, Tom Brady’s 2018 postseason stats are as follows. 125 attempts in 3 games, 85 completions equaling 68%. Brady threw for 953 yards (317.7 per game) 2 Touchdowns and 3 interceptions for a passer rating of 85.9 (per Foxsports).

Wasn’t Max crapping on Brady’s postseason performance in 2018 and saying he got carried by the run game and defense? Saying how he’s old and washed? Well he did better than Jimmy Garoppolo and won that Super Bowl.

Dan Orlovsky has had it with Max’s takes on First Take. Tweeting out “I’m done”

Wentz and Garoppolo are not even close. Wentz has the better arm is the better athlete and better player. Wentz carried practice squad players to the playoffs while beating the stacked roster that is the Dallas Cowboys.

Max Kellerman just stop it. Your logic is flawed, your takes aren’t hot takes they’re just stupid takes. Jimmy Garoppolo was not the difference between the 2nd overall pick and the Super Bowl. That title belongs to Kyle Shanahan and Robert Saleh.

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