Taysom Hill
Sean Payton compared Taysom Hill to Steve Young. Is the Saints head coach crazy or on to something? (SCOTT CLAUSE/USA TODAY Network)

Is Taysom Hill the Saints quarterback of the future? Sean Payton seems to think that’s a strong possibility. Hill is coming off a strong preseason game against the Chargers where he went 11-for-16 for 136 yards and two touchdowns. How much does it mean when the game action came against backups? Probably not much. Still, the Saints love Hill.

Sean Payton compared Hill to Steve Young. The parallel’s are actually closer than you might think. Nathan Brown of the New Orleans Times-Picayune recently spoke with Payton regarding Hill’s upside and how he compares to Young:

“If you look back at Steve’s career, people don’t remember the time before he came to the NFL, you have a very athletic player that, I think, advanced when he got to San Francisco,” Payton said. “He always had great ability with his legs, so you’re trying to create visions for players, and that’s no different than how you’d evaluate how we see Teddy Bridgewater progressing and what we think he can be. That’s the business we’re in.”

Hill and Young actually both went to BYU. Both guys were more athletes and developed into quarterbacks. I’m not sure Young was lining up on special teams and wide receiver, but Payton’s point is well taken. They love Taysom Hill.

Steve Young is a Hall of Famer. I don’t think Hill is on that level. However, Payton has done a really nice job developing quarterbacks. Don’t forget, Drew Brees took a massive step forward after signing from the Chargers. I’m curious to see what happens with Drew Brees. He is in a contract year. Will the Saints let Brees walk after this season? Don’t forget, Young took over for Joe Montana. Maybe Hill takes over for Brees sooner than we think. Crazy but not insane?