Philadelphia Sports Uniforms
Philadelphia Sports Uniforms Are Straight Up Heat (Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Philadelphia Sports Uniforms Are Straight Up Heat

What up Vendetta Nation! The Don Chach is back after a brief hiatus I’m ready to get the content back out there baby! I need to take a minute and just talk about how Philly is the best dressed sports city in the entire world. It’s not even close people. Let’s take a look at the facts starting with the Phillies.

The Phils are not only the hottest hitting team in baseball right now since they brought back one of the greatest men to ever step foot in South Philly with future HOF coach Charlie “Big Bat” Manuel, but they’re unis are straight fire day in and day out. Let’s start out with their home threads. The CLASSIC white and red pinstripe are a thing of beauty. You can just feel a sense of pride looking at these bad boys. Honestly, it brings me back to a simpler time in 2008 when there wasn’t a care in the world except how I was going to sneak beers past my dad at the parade. Oh, good times.

Philadelphia Sports Uniforms
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Now you have their two throwback jerseys. Are they the best uniforms in baseball? Yes. Yes they are. I mean the powder blue and burgundy? The only thing better than these bad boys is watching Bryce Harper’s walk-off grand salami from Thursday night.

Then you have their all burgundy throwbacks that have me feeling like I could run through a brick wall. Electric baby.

Philadelphia Sports Unifroms
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Let’s move on to football where we have the 2018 Super Bowl Champion Eagles. Nothing is more American than an Eagle and the Philadelphia Eagles have some of the cleanest threads in football. You can’t beat the midnight green jerseys and to top it off their blackout jerseys are just dirty. The only way you could possibly get better is if the birds could bring back the Kelly green throwbacks.

Philadelphia Sports Uniforms
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The Sixers obviously have one of the most iconic jerseys of ALL TIME. You can go to any day drink at any college campus and see at least one person rocking a black AI jersey from the glory days of the early 2000s. I still love their current red, white, and blue jersey’s that throw it back to the Dr. J days but their threads may have just gotten better.

Philadelphia Sports Uniforms
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The Sixers’ new white throwback jersey are easily top 3 in the NBA and I am 100% going to snag one from China for 20 bucks. The Process is officially coming together. We have the players, we have the front office, we have the city, and we have the iciest jerseys in the league. TRUST IT!

Now I used to be a big hockey guy, but I can’t say that I really am anymore. Hopefully, that changes this year with a playoff push from the Broad Street Bullies. The Flyers have the most electric uniforms in the league. Black and orange is so tight, and they always have the best stadium series threads. LETS GO BABY PHILLY AND DON CHACH ARE BACK! Don Chach out!

Philadelphia Sports Uniforms
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