Trace McSorley
The Ravens claim that Trace McSorley will play offense, defense, and special teams (John Raoux/AP)

The NFL is a copycat league. It seems like every team is trying to find the next Taysom Hill. It looks like Tampa Bay is trying to do that exact same thing with Nick Fitzgerald. The Ravens made an even bigger investment in Trace McSorley after drafting the Penn State quarterback in the 6th round. How will the Ravens use McSorley? Eric DeCosta has a plan if you believe him.

Baltimore’s GM, Eric DeCosta, claims that the Penn State product will play offense, defense, and special teams:

“I think he’s a football player and everything that entails. His skill set is varied and multiple,” DeCosta said. “He’s fast, he’s strong, he’s tough, he’s a playmaker, he’s a football player. We’ve seen teams, for instance the New Orleans Saints with Taysom Hill, we’ve seen other teams find ways to play with players like this and they can help you win football games. He fits our defense, he fits our offense, he fits special teams.”

If Sean Payton gave this statement, I’d believe it. As of right now, the entire Ravens organization is made up of liars and losers. So no, I don’t believe any of this. I have proof. Remember when the Ravens drafted Keenan Reynolds? I know you remember the old Navy quarterback. I was told they had a plan for him too. He didn’t even make the roster his rookie year. Baltimore wasted a 6th round pick on him too.

Baltimore has no plan. They have no offensive mastermind in the building. This team doesn’t have a single clue what it’s doing. The only thing that is clear is that Baltimore has a type. They love quarterbacks that can’t throw the ball. Let’s see how it works out for them.