Sean McVay
(Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)

Sean McVay Became “Fixated” With Acquiring Stafford

Sean McVay, according to reports, was “fixated” with Matthew Stafford. Stafford and the Lions were very much over after the season. It was time for him to go. However, he would’ve accepted a trade to basically any team except the Patriots.

It’s Christmas For Sean McVay

Now, McVay has been obsessed with wanting Stafford. They even went to Mexico together just after the trade for dinner. Yeah, I wish I could just go to Mexico for a quick bite. That be fun. However, I am not the starting quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams. Anyway, back to this bromance between McVay and Stafford.

McVay is trying to preserve that “boy genius” persona he still possesses. It’s not my surprise that the Rams’ offense has regressed the past two years. Jared Goff is terrible and has been a huge reason why the Rams have under-achieved the past two years.

Meanwhile, Stafford has been nudging his way towards the Rams. Carolina was believed to be in play for Stafford. However, Stafford was already dreaming of palm trees and the Pacific Ocean. Although, there is not much time for this trade to work. What I mean is Stafford is in his 13th season and, unless your name is Tom Brady or Drew Brees, your time is coming up.

Nevertheless, the sight of Stafford will bring some life back into that Rams’ offense. Even though I personally think Stafford is severely overrated and everyone is making this out to be some amazing trade. The Rams better win something because they have no first-round picks for a while.

However, the Rams will have a good season, especially with that defense. They will find themselves in the playoffs again. Although, Stafford hasn’t won a playoff game yet maybe he gets it done now. For now, that remains to be seen.