Jared Goff
How much did the Rams hate Jared Goff? By the looks of the Matthew Stafford trade, it’s hard to have any other takeaway. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

There’s the Tweet. That’s all you need to know. While the media was ignoring Jared Goff, the Rams knew the truth like I did. Jared Goff SUCKS. Always has, always will.

Coming out of college, I compared Goff to Kyle Boller. The truth of the matter is, Goff is a total mess. A brilliant head coach that babies him every step of the way has fooled the public into believing the Rams had a poor man’s Matt Ryan instead.

Today, the Rams made a trade with the Lions to acquire Matthew Stafford. They didn’t just swap Goff for Stafford. They gave Detroit two first round picks and a third round pick. In fact, Goff’s contract was viewed as such an albatross around the league that Detroit took the Rams package because it required them to attach more draft ammo.

Think about how much the Rams must have hated Goff. There is no question that Matthew Stafford is an upgrade. A four-year-old can figure that one out. However, is it worth adding two first round picks and a third rounder to acquire 32-year-old Stafford with a lengthy injury history?

When the Rams were in the Super Bowl two years ago, there are a lot of quarterbacks that win that game. Stafford wins them a championship which probably prompted the trade. Hell, Blake Bortles probably wins that Super Bowl.

Think about how much Sean McVay must HATE Jared Goff. Let’s be honest; he kinda benched him for John Wolford in the playoffs. A nobody who is more famous for having a LinkedIn.

Anybody that knows football or pays attention knows that Sean McVay has been covering up for the sins of Jared Goff. The Rams are annual league leaders for play action percentage. The former Cal quarterback was also on a trajectory to be out of the league entirely if Jeff Fisher stayed on as the head coach.

The Rams weren’t just willing to give up two first round picks just to get rid of Jared Goff. They did it for an aging Stafford who has zero career playoff wins. ZERO.

Not only did they trade Goff, but they sent him to Detroit. A cursed franchise that wouldn’t know what success looked like if it slapped them in the face. Goff woke up today in Los Angeles. Tomorrow his new reality is cold Detroit. Sort of like when the Clippers traded that bum Blake Griffin to the Pistons.

It’s not much different. Goff’s reality was McVay, Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, and a solid running game. Whether it be with Todd Gurley or Cam Akers, Goff had it made. He wakes up today with Dan Campbell and Anthony Lynn. Good fucking luck you untalented loser.

If we learned anything from this trade, it’s that the Rams REALLY hated Jared Goff. We knew he sucked. The Rams knew he sucked. For whatever reason, nobody else knew it. The Rams didn’t sugar coat this one. They believe they can win a Super Bowl… if Goff isn’t on their roster.