Mickey Callaway Reportedly Harassed Women
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Mickey Callaway Reportedly Harassed Women – MLB News

Mickey Callaway reportedly harassed women in the sports media world according to a story by The Athletic.

What else can go wrong for the Mets in 2021. They are wrapped up in yet another bad, and I mean real bad controversy that goes beyond baseball.

During one of Lauren’s only one-on-one interviews with Callaway in Florida shortly after he had been named the Mets manager, Callaway put his legs up onto a railing to “peacock her,” thrusting his crotch near her face. She said she remembers being scared- aware that nobody else was around and that she needed Callaway’s help to report her story… Lauren said “I got warned he was gross (beforehand)”

The Athletic

I mean what are we doing here Mets, can we not do even a tiny bit of research before we hire some of the most disgusting humans on earth. Now, Callaway was fired by the Mets prior to this coming to light, but the reporter who told all said she had been warned beforehand of Callaway’s disgusting actions, so how could the Mets not also know? Five women came forward to The Athletic in this story so how could former Mets ownership not have done a little research.

“I bet you look yummy on tequila”

“Our sleep doctor in Cleveland said you should always sleep naked. Healthier for your skin and rest so much better”

Texts from Callaway to reporters

Like what kind of person decides to say those things to a women you are not in a relationship with. Supposedly the Mets had been contacted by The Athletic about similar incident in 2018 and “investigated that matter.

I recently just defended the Mets current president of baseball operations Sandy Alderson, but if he knew anything about this and declined to take action that really makes me question his judgement and decision making going forward.

Now, these actions seem to have taken place across 5 years and 3 Major League franchises, but he is wearing a Mets hat in the bombshell report and since his highest title on his resume was manager of the Mets, they catch the brunt of this mess.

TL//DR: Former Met manager Mickey Callaway reportedly harassed women while he was calling the shots for the team.