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Sean Allen Admits He Was Wrong About Phil Kessel

Sean Allen
Did Sean Allen just wave the white flag? ESPN’s top fantasy expert admits he was wrong about his brain dead Phil Kessel prediction.

Sean Allen Admits He Was Wrong About Phil Kessel

Did Sean Allen wave the white flag? I saw a bunny run in the middle of the street today while on the dog walk. That rabbit has more brain power than ESPN’s fantasy hockey expert. Sean Allen is a dope and today is the day he admitted it.

I’m kinda torn because I actually want to give him credit for putting his hand in the air and taking an L. Guy has more dignity than several. Based on Todd McShay calling Ryan Finley a first-rounder we should have gotten a resignation letter in the news from him. At a minimum, I think we all deserve an apology blog.

On the other hand, this is about keeping receipts. I said I would put Allen in my back pocket and I did just that. Allen’s 70 point prediction for Phil Kessel was a joke at the time and aged exactly as I predicted.

Allen posted an article about all of the horrendous calls he made this year. It’s one from each team even though when we really go back and do our end of the year video (that’s coming) it’s a much larger list. Here’s what Allen had to say about his embarrassing Kessel call.

“Yeah. Well, it was a hope on a wing and a prayer built on a house of cards. But it was still some kind of expectation here. Instead, Kessel’s only headlines this season are from his iron-man streak.”

Wasn’t exactly the apology I was looking for but at least he was man enough to do it. A sentence about how idiotic it was to rank Kessel ahead of Jonathan Marchessault and Chandler Stephenson should have been included, but this is Sean Allen we’re talking about. You can’t expect too much.

If you’re a die hard fantasy hockey person, this is a must-read column. Other L takes where Allen admits he was wrong include his small brain somehow thinking an 18-year-old on the awful Canadiens had real fantasy potential. His Tyler Seguin one is so bad that the only explanation is that he was involved in a real castaway story and didn’t have access to the internet for years. We already know he doesn’t watch the games or he would be much better at ranking these for the “world wide leader in sports”.

Kessel, 35, has 18 points in 45 games with the Golden Knights. That’s while carrying a -11 rating across 12:27 minutes of ice time. He’s also sporting an ugly 46.8 CF%. YIKES… Kessel has been bad with Vegas and isn’t even a guarantee to finish the season with the team. If it weren’t for the iron man streak, there would have been a game where he would have been a healthy scratch by now. The 70 point prediction by Allen was a joke. When I told you how embarrassing this Sean Allen is, are you getting it now? What’s the over / under for Kessel points? 30?

As I stated earlier, the huge end-of-the-year video will drop after the conclusion of the 2022-23 NHL regular season. If you go back and read the old posts now, you will already be able to tell it’s going to be a blood bath in my favor. Sean Allen has the fantasy hockey ability of a five year old child and I’m going to expose this man. Some would argue I already have. Don’t worry, there’s way more to come. I will not stop exposing this man until ESPN cuts me a check to do their rankings.

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