New York Jets
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The New York Jets went 7-9 in 2019, however that’s not a true indication of what the Jets are capable of with Sam Darnold. We all know that Darnold had mono and that’s why the Jets stunk. We can’t overlook the fact that Darnold had a winning record when he played. This is the same Jets team that could barely score 23 points in a 3 game stretch. Don’t write off the New York Jets just yet, they’ve got potential and are looking to make a lot of noise this year.

Don’t Sleep On Darnold

Look, I’m tired of the Sam Darnold disrespect and so is Trey. Darnold has been given damn near nothing to work with and he has elevated them to a point where they look serviceable. The Jets went 7-9 in 2019, Darnold himself went 7-6 with MONO. Sam Darnold basically walked out of the hospital and beat the stuffing out of the Dallas Cowboys. Darnold out performed Dak Prescott despite having a much worse offensive line, running back, tight end group, wide receiver group and overall defense. Darnold has elite talent. He is succeeding and willing the Jets to wins in spite of Adam Gase.

Uncertainty Within The Division

Everyone is saying the AFC East is a fight between the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots, some are even giving the Miami Dolphins a shot. All these teams have uncertainty surrounding them. The question with the Buffalo Bills is, “Can Josh Allen take the next step forward?” Allen has an incredible arm in terms of strength, accuracy is another question. He’s extremely mobile but that can only take a player so far. Mobility doesn’t mean you’re a great quarterback, it’s a good asset no doubt but only if the arm accuracy is there. I personally don’t buy the Patriots hype with Cam Newton, however, there are a multitude of possible outcomes. With the news of multiple Patriots players opting out of the 2020 season it makes the Patriots a much worse team with a questionable at best quarterback situations. The Dolphins aren’t ready to take the crown either. They’re an extremely young team. I love Brian Flores as a coach, but the team is too young and inexperienced to really push for the AFC East title this year.

Joe Douglas Knows What He’s Doing

Say what you want about Adam Gase, but Joe Douglas knows what he’s doing. Yes, he traded away Jamal Adams but he got a haul for him. You simply can’t say no to 2 first round picks, a third round pick and Bradley McDougald for a safety that has next to no ball production. The Jets are set with draft capital which they can either use to take young players to build around or use them in trades to acquire proven players. There is absolutely no way the Jets should have gotten this much, but Joe Douglas pulled it off. He traded someone who has been vocal about wanting out. Someone who has been taking multiple shots at the organization and is overall a head case and got a king’s ransom for it. Joe Douglas is a good GM, he’ll fire Gase soon and then Darnold won’t have a coach dragging him down.

Everyone is writing off the New York Jets but I’m not. The AFC East is wide open and they have the potential to make waves and make a statement. Don’t be surprised if the Jets win the division.

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