Jalen Hurts
Howie Roseman explained that the Eagles drafted Jalen Hurts because he missed out on Russell Wilson. Boy, do I have news for you, Howie. (Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports)

The Eagles Drafted Jalen Hurts Because Of Russell Wilson

Most of the NFL community laughed at Eagles general Howie Roseman when Philadelphia pulled the trigger on Jalen Hurts in the 2nd round of the 2020 NFL Draft. It was probably the most puzzling draft decision during the entire event. Philadelphia already has Carson Wentz and just handed him a lucrative contract extension not too long ago. So what was Howie thinking?

Well… Roseman finally spoke out about why the Eagles made the decision that they did. Apparently, it was because of Russell Wilson:

VIA NBC Sports Philadelphia:

In 2012, we had a vision,” Roseman said. “We had a vision that we would draft a quarterback who’s been extremely successful, and I don’t want tampering charges on me but I think we can understand who that was, and then come back in the fourth round and draft a quarterback who won a world championship for us and go back-to-back. And I feel like we got a little cute. And I don’t know that there’s a big difference between taking the 53rd pick in the draft and taking a pick in the third round if you feel strongly about a guy.”


Sounds like Howie really regrets not drafting Russell Wilson. I have news for you, buddy. If you think Jalen Hurts is Russell Wilson, you got another thing coming. Wilson was putting up historic numbers for Wisconsin quarterbacks in the Big 10. The concern about Wilson was his height, not his talent. Hurts isn’t that talented. The questions about him are about whether he can be an actual quarterback. Roseman has a rude awakening coming.

Back in 2012, the Eagles had two 2nd round picks. They went towards Mychal Kendricks and Vinny Curry. They were obviously hoping Wilson would be there at pick 88. Seattle took him at pick 75. Philadelphia then panicked and took Nick Foles a round earlier than they wanted to. Can’t say that one didn’t work out.