Robert Tonyan
Is Robert Tonyan more than just a one-year wonder? Tonyan has to prove he’s more than just a flash in the pan to be trusted as an elite fantasy option. (ELAINE THOMPSON, ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Is Robert Tonyan More Than A Fantasy Fluky One Year Wonder?

The tight end position is a mystery when it comes to fantasy. Finding a reliable option outside of the top three is the trick of the trade. One popular option could be Packers tight end Robert Tonyan who had a monster 2020 season. The real question is, was that just a flash in the pan or more to come?

Think about this, did you know Tonyan was released by Detroit? Yeah, that guy couldn’t make the Lions roster. It took Tonyan time to really get going but he exploded in 2020. During his first two years in the league, Tonyan caught just two touchdowns. Last year, he reeled in 11. Yeah…

Tonyan was an undrafted free agent out of Indiana State. He is apparently boys with George Kittle so maybe the guy has been working his ass off and getting better. However, doesn’t there have to be a little concern here? Catching 11 touchdowns isn’t easy even if Aaron Rodgers is your quarterback.

Davante Adams is arguably the best receiver in football. Even he has had four out of his seven seasons with fewer than 11 touchdowns in a season. We know that Tonyan isn’t going to rack up world beating yards. From a fantasy perspective, can I really count on this dude to repeat that lofty touchdown production?

The positive is that Tonyan was kind of consistent. It’s not like he had one outlier game that upped the touchdown total. Eight of his 11 touchdowns were scored in separate weeks. Why can’t he do that again. Especially when he has the reigning MVP throwing him the football.

I still have a tough time trusting Tonyan. The offense and quarterback are there. I would just feel like such a dope to invest high in Tonyan only for him to play well and have his touchdown total cut in half.

The case of Robert Tonyan is a tough one and I’m not sure anybody is 100 percent convinced they know what he is yet. Tonyan could be the ultimate wildcard yet again at the position when it comes to fantasy. Are touchdowns lucky? Tonyan could be the epitome of that.