Robert Kraft told Gronk he wants him back for the playoffs. Do you buy that Rob Gronkowski will actually return to New England? (Michael Zagaris/Getty Images)

Is Rob Gronkowski really done with football? After Gronk signed with Fox Sports, it seemed like the chance of him returning to the Patriots seemed all but over. Not so fast my friends! A new report has surfaced. Robert Kraft is now back up to his black magic shit. The Patriots owner told Gronkowski that he wants him back for the playoffs.


“Kraft told Gronkowski that he wants him to return for November, December, and a playoff run. If that happened, the team not only would welcome him back but will remain hopeful that it happens.”

Gronk has until Week 13 to declare for reinstatement into the league. That way he will be eligible for the playoff run. If he wants to make a playoff with New England, we will know by that date. Let us know your thoughts on it. Will Rob Gronkowski actually return to the Patriots? I’m up on the air on it.

I’ll say this though. New England could really use Gronk. Ben Watson is beyond washed. Can you even name the other tight ends on the roster? Ryan Izzo? Eric Tomlinson? Matt LaCosse? It’s UGLY… Shit, now Josh Gordon is gone too. We don’t even have to get into Antonio Brown. Julian Edelman is the only reliable target they have. Maybe N’Keal Harry will take the field but we haven’t seen him yet. It’s not great.

With how bad the AFC is, New England is always a favorite to at least get to the AFC Title Game. As sad as it sounds, Gronk is a real difference maker. He blocks really well too. It could be the difference between winning and losing another championship.