Golden State Warriors
AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

This might be the most bizarre thing for an NBA team. The Golden State Warriors, who played in the NBA finals last year, are one of the worst teams in the NBA. Steph Curry has just been announced out for the year. Klay Thompson has been ruled out for the year before the season started. After most of their team left in the offseason, their team was already thin enough as it is. Now Their only good players are D’Angelo Russell and Draymond Green. Other than that, every team is playing the Santa Cruz Warriors, their G-League affiliate.

This will be a year to forget for the Warriors, as the team as it stands, may not even win 30 games if they even win 20 games. This team is absolutely horrendous. But it really isn’t all that bad for the Golden State Warriors. They’ll have a bad year this season, get a high draft pick and draft a great player to contend in the NBA at full strength. If I were the Warriors, I’d draft the best Center I can, that has been one of their more obvious needs. It’s just a fact that Draymond plays better at PF, so if they can draft some serious talent at C, the better it will be in the long run. Their lineup next year? Steph Curry, DLo, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and the rookie Center. That is a scary lineup.

This year will be simply be used as a scouting year for the Warriors. They’ve seemed to find a gem in rookie Eric Paschall, who’s stepped up on this bad Warriors team. He can be a viable bench option next year. If you’re happy that the Warriors are bad this year, enjoy it while you can. The Ex Machina of the Warriors is in full effect. Next year, they’ll be back to put a scare in the NBA again. They won’t be as good as they’ve been the last 3 years, but the Warriors dynasty is far from over.