Race for Top Four
The race for the top four of Premier League is close. All of the top teams want to qualify for Champions League next year. Photo by Justin Setterfield/ Getty Images.

The world was shaken with Liverpool F.C.’s Premier League title win. After three decades they were able to close on the title early in the season. Manchester City has established itself as second place. But the race for the top four is a close one.

On Monday, Man City was cleared to play in the Champions League. They will not face a ban but will have to pay a £9million fine for Financial Fair Play.

This means that Liverpool and Man City’s spot in Champions League next year has been secured. Here are the predictions for the end of the season.


Currently in third.

60 points with 35 matches complete.

Chelsea has had a sporadic season. They can play well some games, and others can’t seem to pull it together. Their win against Man City was the game that launched Liverpool to their title win. But following that, Chelsea managed to lose to West Ham and Sheffield United.

They have a strong lineup of Christian Pulisic, Willian, and Kepa Arrizabalaga. This has helped their success this season.

They are focused on qualifying for Champions League next year, especially to get Kai Havertz next season.

However, they are also looking forward to their FA Cup semifinal. There is a lot they have to focus on. Hopefully, the team can pull it together for the last couple of games. They will probably be motivated enough to finish in the top four.

Games Left: Norwich (H), Liverpool (A) and Wolves (H)

Prediction: Fourth

Leicester City

Currently in fourth.

59 points with 35 matches complete.

Before the pause, Leicester started the season off well. When they returned, they like many others had a hard time finding their feet.

They took a bad loss the other day to Bournemouth. Leicester conceded four goals. This loss placed them back into fourth place.

Their top scorer, Jamie Vardy is still on his game. He will probably get another couple of goals this season, but not enough.

Games Left: Sheffield United (H), Tottenham Hotspurs (A) and Manchester United (H).

Prediction: Fifth

Manchester United

Currently in fifth.

58 points with 34 matches completed.

Man U is on the road to victory. One of their star players, Paul Pogba, is returning from an injury. The team has been reignited with the joining of Bruno Fernandes. Pogba and Fernandes have created a new duo on the pitch.

Much like Chelsea, Man U is focused on the FA Cup semifinal. The team will be fueled to work hard since they are so close in points.

Looking at their lineup of games, they should be able to qualify for Champions League next year. Their final game is against Leicester. This will mean that the placement will come down to their game. Man U will most likely be the victor of that game.

Games Left: Southampton (H), Crystal Palace (A), West Ham (H) and Leicester City (A).

Prediction: Third