Bartomeu Confirms Setien Will Coach
Barcelona FC president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, talks about manager Quique Setien’s future at Barca. Photo by Lluis Gene.

Since the restart of the season, Barcelona has had a tough time. They have had low scores and have been giving up more goals than usual. They also lost their lead in La Liga, letting Real Madrid slip into first place. Even with all of that, Barca president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, confirms that the current manager, Quique Setien, will continue to coach next season.

“Setien will continue to coach Barca and I am happy with the evolution of the team,” said Bartomeu at an interview with RAC1. “I have not considered resigning. On the contrary, it is time to get ready and work hard.”

It is almost surprising that Bartomeu feels this way after the return. It is also surprising that he isn’t searching for the next manager. If this was happening at Chelsea, Setien would’ve already been gone.

Regardless, Bartomeu still holds hope for the team.

“Leo has said many times that he wants to retire at Barça. I have no doubt that he will retire at Barça. And not with me, but with another president.

“It’s evident that we have an obligation to renew Messi, the best player in history. He has many years of football left.”

It is now a ticking clock to see when Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will retire. Both are in their 30’s and are at the age for it. However, their motivation to play continues.

Bartomeu also touched upon the usage of VAR in La Liga.

“I’m very much in favor of the VAR and the club are as well, but today it seems to me that the application of the VAR isn’t fair and that it’s even less so since the return of football.”

VAR in La Liga has now been called into question by several people, including Setien and Gerard Pique. There has also been trouble with VAR in Premier League.

Overall, it is interesting that Bartomeu is choosing to keep Setien even with the current trend of the team.