Marshawn Lynch
Put Marshawn Lynch in the broadcast booth full time now. Beast Mode made his debut and it could not have gone better. (Jeff Curry/USA TODAY Sports)

Nobody knows what Marshawn Lynch is up to. You just kind of see him on the internet about three times a year. Yesterday was one of those days. Somehow, someway, Marshawn found himself in the broadcast booth for an indoor football game. The rest is history.

Side note: Not sure salads and croutons are the first thing that get me going but more power to him.

I’ll be honest; I have no idea what league this is or where they’re even playing. Does Marshawn play in this league? Does he own the team? Is the field even 100 yards? Who cares! Let’s just get Beast Mode is the booth for NFL games and call it a day.

FOX Sports has tried to go with the non-traditional broadcast voice when they hired Aqib Talib. Only one problem with that. Nobody cares about Aqib Talib and the guy is impossible to listen to. FOX should have just hired Marshawn if they wanted to go this route.

What’s the downside here? Okay, Lynch gets fined a bunch for cursing. Maybe that’s a problem because we all know Lynch only makes appearances so he doesn’t get fined.

Think about how many bad broadcasters there are in the NFL. Charles Davis makes anything almost unwatchable. If you did a game where you take a shot every time Troy Aikman says “here’s a guy” you would be blacked out by the end of the first quarter. What do you have to lose? Hire Marshawn Lynch NOW.

In all seriousness, the league is called Fan Controlled Football. You couldn’t catch me dead watching it but if you want more Beast Mode, I’m sure you can find him there.