The Simpsons Road Rage
The Simpsons Road Rage was the dumbest video game ever created. What could have been a classic turned into a flop. (The Simpsons Road Rage Screenshot)

The Simpsons Road Rage Was The Dumbest Game Ever

The Simpsons Road Rage was the dumbest video game of all-time. I could end the blog there but I’ll continue. For whatever reason, right now I’m being nostalgic about old video games I used to play back in the day. Our guy Jackson Law is currently playing one right now (NFL Head Coach 09).

I’m not a crazy Simpsons fan but I have seen more than a fair share of episodes. I prefer Family Guy but Simpsons more than holds its own. The Road Rage video game? Hard pass.

To be honest; I’m not sure why this game was created. More so, I’m still mad I bought this game as a kid without doing more research.

For those that don’t know, The Simpsons Road Rage is a pure driving game. You win races, drive to objective points, aaaaaaaaaand that’s it. Nothing else to it. Seriously… that’s it.

At first, you hope that the game is just Grand Theft Auto but Simpsons related. NOPE. It’s just driving. You know, the thing you would love to skip in any game like GTA if it’s too much driving. After about three or four missions, you’re done with the game.

Sure, there are different cars you get to drive. BIG WHOOP. The map of Springfield is kind of cool… I guess? You can take short cuts to help you win races and collect coins to buy cars. Still not sold? You shouldn’t be.

I wanted so much for a game like this to be a classic. Could you imagine a GTA game of the Simpsons? Now THAT is something I could get behind. Maybe TV shows just shouldn’t be turned into video games. OR just have them better executed.