Marshawn Lynch
Marshawn Lynch used to rip shots of Hennessy as a pregame ritual. Of course, Lynch became one of the best running backs in NFL history. (Joe Nicholson/USA TODAY Sports)

Who doesn’t love Marshawn Lynch? The man known as Beast Mode will always go down as one of the toughest and most beloved running backs in NFL history. What was the secret sauce behind his success? How does ripping shots of Hennessy before every game sound?

That’s apparently exactly what Marshawn did:

“My superstition was that I needed to have maybe a shot … a shot and half … before every game,” Lynch said on ESPN’s “Peyton’s Places.”

Peyton asked Marshawn to clarify — saying, “[A shot] of … ???”

“Hennessy,” Lynch replied … “Whatchu mean ‘of?'”

Manning asked where Lynch where he would get the booze — maybe from a bar in the stadium during his run with the Seahawks?

“Nah, the bar’s in my backpack,” Lynch said.

It’s amazing that Peyton Manning even has a TV show. If it weren’t for social media, nobody would even know this soundbite exists. I guess that ESPN+ package goes a long way. You get to see Peyton talk to former players that he has nothing in common with.

Let’s be honest; “A shot, shot and a half” is no less than three every game. There’s no way he brings back the same bottle every week. That puppy is gone by half time. This may go down as one of the great mysteries. If Marshawn didn’t rip shots, would he suck?

Lynch is one of the greatest running backs in NFL history. The Oakland California native is a 5X Pro Bowl selection and All 1st team member for the 2010’s. Lynch was selected by the Bills in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft and likely will find himself inducted into the Hall of Fame eventually.

Side Note: Who rips shots of Gatorade? Is that really a thing? Has anyone ever tried to rally the trips by ripping shots of Gatorade?