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What a garbage organization. While only one person has officially said that the Raiders would go under 8 wins, I have to imagine that most of them think that. The problem is that their logic is flawed. So, I hereby make an official challenge to @PFF_Eric: Let’s make a bet on it. I don’t care what the price is or the stakes, I’ll take it. That’s how sure I am that you’re wrong. The reason why Pro Football Focus has the Raiders under 8 wins? Check below.

What a lazy fucking analysis. @PFF_Eric really just went to scores of the Raiders games last year and made an idiot deduction from that. These are the type of people that work at Pro Football Focus? Seems pretty UNFocused to me. Did he actually watch the games or pay attention to the Raiders offseason at all? I’m not even being a smart-ass at this point, it is a general question of curiosity. Why do you think the Raiders never beat anyone by more than 8 points? It was the defense for God’s sake. What did the Raiders do in Free Agency? Bolster the defense. Also, with complaints about the offense. There were games where the Raiders didn’t have their stud rookie in Josh Jacobs. Tyrell Williams was injured most of the year and Hunter Renfrow missed games too. Derek Carr was throwing to Rico Gafford for crying out loud.

This is also not to mention that the Raiders had one of the TOUGHEST schedules last year and STILL went 7-9 with the above circumstances. So, their schedule is easier, their team is better, and Derek Carr will now have the same system for the 3rd straight year for the first time in his career. How can ANYONE have the Raiders under 8 games is BEYOND me. Am I heated? Hell yeah. I am tired of the blatant disrespect the Raiders are getting from people that don’t even watch the Raiders. I had the Raiders at 8-8 last season, they went 7-9. Now, I have them at 10-6 next year, with the possibility of making the playoffs. If you disagree, you simply just don’t watch the Raiders enough.

The Raiders have an improved offense and an improved defense with an easier schedule. If you think they even have a chance to have the same record OR WORSE. Stop talking football and shut the hell up. @PFF_Eric, whoever you are, you’re dumb and work for a garbage organization in PFF. Take my bet if you’re so sure about the Raiders.