Darren Waller
Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

I’m a homer. I love my Raiders. I like to think I am more of the unbiased fans in our fanbase. As much as I am excited about the Raiders this year, I like to keep my predictions realistic. I will have a prediction about the Raiders record soon. Before anyone thinks it is far fetched. I had the Raiders at 8-8 last year and they had to throw games to be 7-9. Darren Waller must see the hype around this team as I see. He had this to say about Raiders Offense this season via NBC Sports:

“If you look at things across the board, starting with the offensive line and the quarterback, with improvement at the receiver positions and the tight ends trying to be consistent, I think our offense has a chance to do a lot of great things and put up a lot of great numbers,” Waller said on SiriusXM NFL Radio, via NBCSportsBayArea.com. “The big thing for us is finishing in the red zone this year. I know that we’re doing everything in our power to improve upon that. I don’t feel like having a top-five offense is out of the picture. We have that much talent. We have guys who are buying in. We have a balanced system. I have high expectations, and I think everyone on the offense would say the same thing.”

Is Darren Waller Wrong?

Everything he said was true, except the top 5 part. Top 5 is ELITE territory. As much as I love the additions we made, I can’t confidently put them in my top 5. Although he said the Raiders could be a top 5 offense, that is less than likely. I will say that I think the Raiders are a top 10 offense easily though. If you disagree with that, there could be 3 reasons. 1. You don’t watch football. 2. You don’t watch enough Raiders football. 3. You’re a moron. Take your pick.

The Raiders were 11th in yards with guys like Rico Gafford in the offense. If you don’t know who that is, you’re only proving my #2 reason you disagree with me. Some of y’all never heard of Darren Waller, despite being really well last season. Unfortunately, that same problem came up on the scoring end. The Raiders only put up 313 points, 24th in the league. But when defenses know the ball is going to Josh Jacobs or Derek Carr throwing to Darren Waller, what more can you do? Now they added 2 rookie receivers, Henry Ruggs III & Bryan Edwards, and now have a healthy Hunter Renfrow and Tyrell Williams. The Raiders focused primarily on the offense for the draft and it could pay dividends over time, if not this year. Top 5 might be hopeful wishing, but a top 10 offense should be undisputed.