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Las Vegas Raiders Could Go 10-6 In 2020 AND Make The Playoffs

Las Vegas Raiders
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

I just admitted to my last article that I am a homer. I think I am realistic as it gets for a Las Vegas Raiders fan. This is on the fence of wishful thinking and realistic prediction. But if you think the Raiders are going to get WORSE from 7-9 record in 2019, I sincerely question your football knowledge. Sure, I understand the stigma around the Raiders, we have been ass for almost 20 years except for 2016. Yet, they finally have some consistency in coaching AND as a General Manager. Despite having a great draft in 2019, some people still doubt Mike Mayock’s ability. I think he had another great draft that had questionable 1st rounders but hit on a lot of mid rounders. The Raiders drafted 2 receivers, 2 corners, and a swiss army knife in Lynn Bowden Jr.

Las Vegas Raiders Offense

With those draft picks, Darren Waller has said the Raiders could be a top 5 offense. While even I think that is far-fetched, top 10 shouldn’t even be debated. The Raiders were 11th in yards but only 24th in points. The problem the Raiders had was putting the ball in the endzone, which can be contributed to the lack of weapons the Raiders had. Oh, look, that’s what they drafted, offensive weapons like Henry Ruggs III and Bryan Edwards. Shocker, I know. The Raiders still have a great O-line that is held in high regard. Derek Carr improved in Jon Gruden’s offense after his second year. In his third year in the same system, something that has never happened for him, he has a chance to play out of his mind. He has the weapons, the O-line, and the consistency in the system. Even Darren Waller thinks the offense will be awesome. There’s literally no excuse for him. I have been on Derek Carr’s side for years, but this has to be the last year for any excuses.

Las Vegas Raiders Defense

The defense was awful last year. They were throwing games and the Raiders still managed to be 7-9. I had them at 8-8, and no one else from my site thought I was sane. They all had the Raiders at around 4-12. With highlight signings of Nick Kwiatkoski and Cory Littleton at LB, that is already an improvement than Tahir Whitehead. Trayvon Mullen was coming into his own last season and they drafted two corners in Amik Robertson and first-round pick Damon Arnette. They could see an improvement there. For the safeties, Jonathan Abrams finally will get to play more this season after being injured all of last season. They also acquired Jeff Heath and Damarious Randall. For the D-line they got Maliek Collins and Carl Nassib. I expect Maxx Crosby and Clelin Ferrell to both take steps to be better this year.

As much as I am excited about this group, I am just excited about how much of an improved defense they are. The Raiders were 19th in YPG and 24th in PPG as a defense. Big yikes. Now, listen carefully: THE RAIDERS STILL DON’T HAVE A GOOD DEFENSE, ALL I AM SAYING IS THAT IT WILL BE VASTLY IMPROVED. I don’t want anyone saying that I think they are a top 10 defense or anything, cause they aren’t. Plain and simple. But to say the Raiders won’t improve on the defensive end is idiotic.

Raiders Record Prediction

If you made it this far, I applaud you. You let me rant at how I think the Raiders will improve. But now we get to the title. Which people thought I was fucking high and was going to drop my dealer’s plug. (I don’t do drugs, hugs not drugs kids.) Or you came to see if I would make an ass of myself. If you actually thought the Raiders could be 10-6, chances are you’re a Raiders fan, because 99% of other fans don’t think this. Anyway, I don’t think the Raiders going 10-6 is all that crazy. First, let me just start with the division. I think the Raiders go 2-4 in the division. The Raiders lose both games to the Chiefs, and they either lose both games to the Broncos and sweep the Chargers, OR they split with those two teams. 2-4 is pretty realistic for the division. That means the Raiders can only lose 2 games for my prediction to still be right.

Taking out the division games, the rest of the 10 games in order go as follows: Panthers, Saints, Patriots, Bills, Bucs, Browns, Falcons, Jets, Colts, Dolphins. I think the Saints and Bills are losses. I think the Bucs, Browns, and Colts are toss-ups, and the rest of the games are wins. That means, at worst, the Raiders go 7-9. That isn’t if the Raiders upset teams, or do better in the division, that is looking at it straight up. If my prediction is right, and the Raiders go 10-6, they still might not make the playoffs though. The Chiefs and the Broncos should have a better record than the Raiders.

Raiders In The Playoffs?

Take in the other 3 division winners in the AFC in Bills, Ravens, and Titans/Colts/Texans (Take your pick). That leaves only 2 spots for plenty of teams. You have to think that the Browns, Steelers, two of those AFC South teams, and the Raiders are fighting for those spots (I think the Broncos get in, no question). To say the Raiders don’t have a chance at the playoffs is blasphemous. They very well could make it as a 7th seed in the AFC.

10-6 is a realistic goal for the Raiders, and if anyone thinks I am crazy for saying it, I just don’t think you watch enough Raiders football. The Raiders went 7-9 went a horrendous defense and only 2 reliable weapons on offense. The Las Vegas Raiders improved on both sides of the ball tremendously. If you deny even that much, there’s no hope for you. Don’t be that idiot who is surprised that the Raiders are fighting for a playoff spot. Don’t come talk shit to me about this and be quiet if I am right. It’s the Raider’s time to shine now.


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