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Pokemon Cards “Collectors” Who Resell Are The Scum Of The Earth

Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Cards Resellers Are Terrible Humans

Let me provide a little backstory here as to why I am a resident expert on this. I work for Target, and right at the boom of popularity last year with these Pokemon cards I was the Front End Team Lead. Therefore, all the trading cards were MY responsibility. I would come in to work before the store opened and see lines of 25-50 GROWN ASS MEN AND WOMEN waiting in line for hours on end. Waiting for what, you ask? FUCKING POKEMON CARDS. Now, let me explain that if Pokemon is your thing and you enjoy just collecting, this isn’t targeted towards you. But if you’re reading this and your purpose is to go buy as many packs as you can to resell certain cards, know that I hate you.

Why All The Hate?

I am talking to the people in the video above. Where is your pride? Y’all were probably waiting outside that store since 2 am looking for whatever trending card can make you $10 on a $5 pack of cards. I can’t wrap my head around this. There are so many other things you can be doing with your time than waiting in line for Pokemon Cards. The guys in the video could be sleeping with their wives, but then again if you’re waiting in line like this and rushing stores like morons you’re probably single anyway so there’s that. You’re also taking cards away from kids who want the cards to play with their friends or who actually just think they are cool. What the fuck is that? Scalpers like this don’t give a shit about kids they care about lining their wallets. This is all Gary V’s fault.

I love to talk shit. It is one of my favorite pastimes here at Vendetta Sports Media. I recently made a dude leave a chat because I berated him because he had arguably the dumbest quote of all time. So I have no problem calling these losers out for being the absolute virgins they are. While you inbreds are out at 1 am talking to every other slapdick waiting for the chance to pull a $3 card, I will be at home either banging one out with my girlfriend, hanging out with friends or doing work for this website. I understand none of you can relate to anything I just said, but I will let you live vicariously through me. You’re welcome.

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